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You can now expand upon the many thousands of ornithological books featured by vast ABEbooks , and databases are now searchable direct from these pages,allowing you even greater choice.Clicking a book title (below) will forward you to ABE (Advanced book exchange) .Other search options include the Quick search (top left of this page) or Biblio search (right).

Abbott, Clinto G. The Home-life of the Osprey . 1911
Acworth, Bernard. Bird and butterfly mysteries : realities of migration 1955 Eyre & Spottiswoode London
Adams H.G. The Smaller British Birds , 1874.
Adams H G.Nests and Eggs of familiar Birds Groombridge 1881
Adams H G. Humming Birds Described and Illustrated . 1856
Adams, H.G. Times and modes of building 1861 Groombridge & Sons London
Ali,Salim.Indian Hill Birds.1949
Alexander, W.M et al. The Birds of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire 1868
Alexander, W.B. A Revised List of the Birds of Oxfordshire . 1947
Allen, J.A. On the Mammals and Birds of East Florida . 1870
Allen, J.A. The Kentucky Warbler .NY 1918
Allen, R.P. The Flamingos:Their Life History and Survival . 1956
Allen, R.P The Roseate Spoonbill . NAS. NY 1942
Allen, R.P. The Whooping Crane . NAS 1952
Alston, Charles Henry. Wildlife in the West Highlands .1912 James Maclehose Glasgow
Amadon, Dean. The Hawiian Honey Creepers . 1950
Ames P.L The Morphology Of The Syrinx In Passerine Birds 1971
Amadon, Dean Birds around the world : a geological look at evolution and birds 1966 The Natural History Press New York
American Ornithologists' Union Check-list of North American birds 1957 American Ornithologists' Union Baltimore
American Ornithologists' Union Fifty years' progress of American ornithology , 1883 -1933 1933 American Ornithologists' Union Lancaster
Amuchastegui, A.Some Birds and Mammals of Africa . 1979
Anderson, A.H. A Bibliography of Arizona Ornithology 1972
Andersen, Johannes C. Bird song and New Zealand birds 1926 Whitcombe & Tombs Aukland
Annals. The Annals of Scottish Natural History .J.A Harvie-brown
Anker, J. Bird Books and Bird Art: An outline of the literary History and Iconography of Descriptive Ornithology 1973
Aplin, O.V. The birds of Oxfordshire 1889 Clarendon Press Oxford
Archer, G & Godman. E M. The Birds of British Somaliland and the Gulf of Aden . Oliver & Boyd 1937
Armstrong E A. A study of bird song 1963
Arnall, L.& Keymer, I.F. Bird diseases : an introduction to clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases in birds 1975 Bailliere Tindall London
Arnold, E.C British Waders 1924
Arnold, E.C .A Bird Collectors Medley . 1907
Arnold, E.C .Birds of Eastbourne . 1936
Arrigoni, Ettore. Ornitologia italiana 1929 Ulrico Hoepli Milan
Arundel, Walter B.Ackworth birds : being a list of birds of the district of Ackworth, Yorkshire > 1898 Gurney and Jackson London
Arvey, M Dale. Phylogeny of the Waxwings and Allied Birds . Kansas 1951
Ashmole, N. Philip et al. Comparative feeding ecology of seabirds of a tropical oceanic island 1967 Peabody Museum of Natural History Connecticut
Astley, Rev H. D.My Birds in Freedom and Captivity 1900
Atkinson, Rev J.C.British Birds eggs and nests popularly described .1862
Atherton, Loren G. Dakota birds: I, song and insectivorous birds of South Dakota .1925
Atkinson, Rev J.C.British Birds Eggs and Nests . 1925
Austin, Elizabeth S.Frank M. Chapman in Florida : his journals and letters . 1967 University of Florida Press
Austin, O.L. Waterfowl of Japan 1949 January Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers Washington
Austin, Oliver L. Antarctic bird studies 1968 American Geophysical Union Washington
Austin, Oliver L.: Zim, Herbert S.: Singer, Arthur (illus) Birds of the world : a survey of the twenty-seven orders and one hundred and fifty-five families 1962 Paul Hamlyn.1963, 2nd impression
Austin, O.L & Kuroda, N. The Birds of Japan,Their Status and Distribution . Harvard 1953
Aymar, G. Bird Flight . 1936



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The Birder's Market | New & Used bird books | Antiquarian Bird Books (pre 1986) |  Antiquarian Author A

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