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Antiquarian Ornithology books Author E

Eagle Clark, W.Studies in Bird Migration. Gurney & Jackson 1912
Eaton, Elton, Howard.Birds of New York. (2 vols) 1910-14
Echalaz, C.T., Lieut.-Colonel. Complete history of the Echalez collection.1907 Roffey & Clark Croydon
Edberg, Etienne A naturalist's guide to the Gambia .1982 J.G. Sanders Alderney
Edinburgh, HRH Prince Philip.Birds from Britannia .1962 Jarrold & Sons Norwich
Eiserer, Len The American robin 1976 Nelson-Hall Chicago
Elliot, Daniel Giraud.Paradisea : a monograph of the Paradiseidae, or birds of paradise 1873
Ellison, Norman. Wandering with Nomad Illustrated by C.F Tunnicliffe.Hardback 1946
Emlen, John T. Land bird communities of Grand Bahama Island.1977 American Ornithologists' Union
Ennion E.A.R & Tinbergen N. Tracks. OUP 1967
Erskine, Anthony J. Buffleheads . Ottawa 1971
Etchecopar, R.D & Hue, F. Les Oiseaux De Chine De Mongolie Et De Coree. 1978 -83 (2 vols)
Etchecopar, R.D & Hue, F. Les Oiseaux Du Proche Et Du Moyen Orient. Paris 1970
Etchecopar, R.D & Hue, F. The Birds of North Africa from the Canary Islands to the Red Sea. 1967.
Evans. A. H. Turner on Birds . Cambridge University Press 1903
Evans, A.H. Cambridge Natural History volume IX : birds 1909 Macmillan London
Evans, A.H. A fauna of the Tweed area : including the Farne Islands 1911 David Douglas Edinburgh
Evans, A.H.: Buckley, Thomas E. A vertebrate fauna of the Shetland Islands 1899 David Douglas Edinburgh
Everitt C.Birds of Edward Marshall Boehm Aviaries. EMB 1973
Eyton Thomas C.A History of the Rarer British Birds. Longmans 1836

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The Birder's Market | New & Used bird books | Antiquarian Bird Books (pre 1986) |  Antiquarian Author E

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