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Antiquarian Ornithology books Author G

Galbraith, I.C.J. Variation Relationships and Evolution in a Pachycephala pectoralais Super Species. 1956
Gallett, Etienne. The Flamingos of the Camargue. 1950
Payne-Gallwey, Sir Ralph. The Book of Duck Decoys:Their Construction ,Management and History. 1886
Gammell, Alistair.Agriculture and birdlife in Europe
Garstang W.Songs of the Birds
Gatke, Heinrich. Heligoland as an ornithological observatory1895 David Douglas Edinburgh
Geer, T.A Bird of prey management techniques 1978 British Falconers' Club
Gibbings, Robert. Coming down the Wye.1942 J.M. Dent & Sons London
Gibbings, Robert.Sweet Thames run softlyJ.M. Dent & Sons London 1940.
Gibson-Hill, C.A.Birds of the coast.Witherby Ltd London 1949
gibson-Hill, C.A.British sea birds.Witherby Ltd London 1947
Gilbert P. John Abbot, Birds, Butterflies and other Wonders. NHM Merrel 1998
Gilbert, H.A & Brook, Arthur.The secrets of the eagle & of other rare birds.Arrowsmith London 1925
Gill C et al.The wreck of the Torrey Canyon.David & Charles Newton Abbot 1967
Gillam, E.H & Homes, R.C. The Birds of the North Kent Marshes. 1950
Gillham, Mary E.Sub-Antarctic sanctuary : summertime on Macquarie Island.Victor Gollancz London 1967
Gilliard, E Thomas. Birds of Paradise & Bower Birds Birds. 1969
Glenister, A.G. The Birds of Malay Peninsular, Singapore & Penang. 1955
Godfrey,W. Earl & Crosby, John A.Some Canadian birds.National Museums of Canada Ottawa 1966
Godman, Frederick du Cane.Natural history of the Azores or Western Islands.John van Voorst London 1870
Good, Rev.A.I.The birds of French Cameroon.Institut Francais d'Afrique Noire 1952
Goodfellow, P.Projects with birds.David & Charles Newton Abbot 1973
Goodman, S.M The Birds of the Egyptian Western Desert. 1986
Goodrich, Arthur L. Jr.Birds in Kansas 1945
Goodwin D.Birds of man's world.British Museum 1978
Gordon, Seton. The Charm of Skye:the Winged Isle!. 1931
Gordon, Seton. The Charm of the Hills. 1914
Gordon, Seton. Hill Birds of Scotland1930
Gordon, Seton. Wanderings of a Naturalist. 1955
Gordon, Seton. The Cairngorm Hills of Scotland. 1926
Gordon, Seton. The Golden Eagle -King of Birds. Collins London 1955
Gordon, Seton.Sea-gulls in London.Cassell London 1935
Gordon, Seton. Thirty years of nature photography :a personal record of two observers.Cassell London 1952
Gordon, Seton.Birds of the loch and mountain.Cassell London 1907
Gordon, Seton. Amid snowy wastes : wild life on the Spitsbergen archipelago.Cassell London 1922
Gordon, Seton.The charm of the hills.Cassell London 1951
Gordon, Seton.Wild birds in Britain.Batsford London 1938
Gordon, Seton.Wanderings of a naturalist.Cassell London 1921
Gordon, Seton.In search of northern birds.RSPB 1941
Gordon, Seton.Highland summer.Cassell London 1971
Gordon, Seton.A highland year.Eyre & Spottiswoode London 1944
Gordon, W.J. Our country's birds and how to know them : a guide to all the birds of Great Britain.Kent & Co. London
Gosnell, H.T.The science of birdnesting.W. Jones & Co. Liverpool 1947
Goss, Nathaniel Stickney. Birds of Kansas .1886
Goss, Nathaniel Stickney. History of the Birds of Kansas . 1891
Gosse, Philip Henry.The birds of Jamaica.John van Voorst London 1847
Graham, Henry-Davenport. The Birds of Mull & Iona. 1852-70
Grant, K.A & V. Hummingbirds and their Flowers. CUP 1968
Gray, G.R. List of the Specimens of Birds in the Collection of the British Museum Pt1 -Accipiters.1848
Green, Janet C.Minnesota Birds: Where, When, and How Many. 1975
Green, Roland. How I Draw Birds. 1951
Greenwalt, C.H. Hummingbirds. Doubleday 1960
Greenwalt, C.H. Dimentional Relationships in Flying Animals. Smithsonian 1962
Grieve, S. The Great Auk, or Garefowl,It's Archaeology and remains. 1885
Grimmel, J. Observations upon the Bird Life of Death Valley. San Fransisco 1923
Grimshaw, L. The Distribution of Bird-life in Guatemala: A Contribution to a Study of Central American Bird-Life. NY 1932
Grossma, M.L & Hamley, J. Birds of Prey of the World. 1965
Gurney J.H. Rambles of a Naturalist in Egypt & Other Countries. Jarrold 1896
Gurney, J.H & Southwell, T. Fauna & Flora of Norfolk. 1871 -1908
Gurney, J.H. The Gannet, A Bird With a History. 1913
Gurney, J.H. Catalogue of a Collection of British Birds formed by the late Mr J H Gurney and his Son.1892

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