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Antiquarian Ornithology books Author H

d'Hamonville, L.Atlas de Poche des Oiseaux de France: Serie I 1908
d'Hamonville, L.Atlas de Poche des Oiseaux de France: Serie II. 1911
Haberschmidt, F. The Birds of Surinam. 1968
Haberschmidt, F. The Life of the White Stork. Leiden 1949
Hachisuka, M.A Handbook of the Birds of Iceland 1927
Haines, C Reginald.Notes On The Birds Of Rutland.1907
Hall, H.M. Woodcock ways. NY 1946
Hall, H.M. A Gathering of Shorebirds. NY 1960
Hampstead Scientific Society.Hampstead Heath, It's Geology and Natural History. Unwin 1913
Hancock, J. A Catalogue of the Birds of Northumberland and Durham. 1874
Harper, Francis. Birds of the Ungava Peninsula. 1958
Harrison C.J.O. Instructions for Collectors. British Museum 1970
Harrison J.C. Bird Portraits. Country Life 1949.
Harrison, J.G. Estuary Saga. 1952
Harrison, J.G. Pastures New. 1954
Harrison, James M. The Birds of Kent. 1953
Harting J.E. The Ornithology of Shakespeare Gresham 1978.
Hartlaub, Gustav.Die Vogel Madagascars.1877
Harvie-Brown, J.A.A Fauna of the Tay Basin and Strathmore. 1906
Haviland ,M.D.Wild Life on the Wing.1913
Hawkins, T.S. My Friend The Rook. Clarke 1939
Heathley, Francis. The Peregrine Falcon at the Eyrie. 1913
Heinroth, O & M. Die Vogel Mitteleuropas. Berlin 1926 - 1931 (4 vols)
Heintzelmen, Donald S. The Migration of Hawks. Indiana
Heisemann M. How to attract and protect Wild Birds. Witherby 1908
Henry, G.M. Coloured Plates of the Birds of Ceylon. 1927
Herklots, G.A.C. Hong Kong Birds. 1953
Herber E.C (ed). Correspondance between Spencer Fullerton Baird and Louis Aggassiz -Two Pioneer American Naturalists. Smithsonian 1963
Herrick, Francis H. The American Eagle. Ohio 1933
Hewitson, William C. Coloured Illustrations of the Eggs of British Birds. Van Voorst 1846
Hibbert-Ware, A. Report on the Little Owl Food Enquiry 1936-37.BTO/Witherby 1938
Hicks, Ellis A.Check-list and Bibliography on the Occurence of Insects in Bird's Nests. Iowa State 1959
Hicky, Joseph J. Peregrine Falcon Populations: Their Biology and Decline. 1969
Hindwood, K.A. The Birds of Lord Howe Island.(sidney 1940)
Hingston, R.W.G. A Naturalist in Hindustan. Witherby 1923
Hochbaum, H Albert. Canvasback on a Prairie Marsh. Washington 1944
Hochbaum, H Albert.Travels and Traditions of waterfowl. 1956
Horsburgh, B.R. The Game-birds & Water-fowl of South Africa.1912
Hosking, Eric.Looking at Birds.1957.
Howard,H. Elliot. An Introduction to the study of Bird Beaviour.Cambridge 1929
Howard, H.Elliot. A Waterhen's World.1940
Howard, H.Elliot. The British Warblers A History with Problems of their Lives. 1907
Howell, Arthur H. Alabama Birds. 1924
Howell, Thomas R. Breeding Biology of the Egyptian Plover. 1979
Hudson, W.H. Birds of La Plata. (2 vols) 1920
Hudson, W.H British Birds. 1908
Humphrey, Philp S et al.Birds of The Isla Grande (Tierra Del Feugo). 1970
Huntington, D.W. Our feathered game: A handbook of the North American game birds. 1907
Hutchinson, Clive. Ireland's Wetlands and their Birds. 1979
Hyde, A.S. The Life History of Henslow's Sparrow. 1939

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The Birder's Market | New & Used bird books | Antiquarian Bird Books (pre 1986) |  Antiquarian Author H

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