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Antiquarian Ornithology books Author L

Lack, D.Population Studies of Birds.Clarendon 1966
Lack, D.Evolution illustrated by Waterfowl.Blackwell 1974
Lack, D. The Galapagos Finches (Geo Spizinae) A Study in Variation. San Fransisco 1945
Lack, D. The Birds of Cambridgeshire. 1934
Lack, D. Darwin's Finches. Cambridge 1947
Lack, D. Robin Redbreast. 1950
Lack, D. Ecological Isolation in Birds. 1971
Lack, D. Ecological adaptations for Breeding Birds. 1972
Lack, D. Island Biology as Demonstrated by Land Birds of Jamaica. 1976
Laishley, R.A Popular History of British Birds Eggs. Lovell Reeve 1958
Lambourne, M.John Gould's Birds of Great Britain.
Lansborough-Thompson, A.Problems of Bird Migration.1926
Lascelles, G.Thirty Five Years in the New Forest.1915
Lefranc, M.L. Working Bibliography of the Golden Eagle and the genus Aquila. 1983
Legge, W.V. A History of the Birds of Ceylon.(4 vols) 1883
Lendon, A.H.Australian Parrots in Field & Avery. 1979
Leopold, A.S. The California Quail. 1977
Leotaud, A. Oiseaux De L'ile De la Trinidad. 1866
Lewis, R.W Loyd. Lundy,It's History and Natural History. 1925
Ligon, J.S. History & Management of Merriam's wild Turkey. 1946
Lincer, Jeffrey L, et al. Working Bibliography of the Bald Eagle. Washington 1978
Linsdale, jean M. Natural History of Magpies. 1937
Lippins, Leon & Willie H. Les Oiseaux Du Zaire. Belguim 1976
Livingston, John A.Birds of the Northern Forest.1967
Lockley, R.M. Birds of The Sea.King Penguin 1945
Lockley, R.M. Letters from Skokholm. Dent 1947
Lockley,R.M Orielton. Deutsch 1977
Lockley, R.M. Myself when young:The Making of a Naturalist. Deutsch 1979
Lockley, R.M. The Cinnamon Bird. 1948
Lockley, R.M Puffins. 1953
Lockley, R.M Shearwaters. 1947
Lockley, R.M. Ocean Wanderers: The Migratory Seabirds of the World. 1974
Lockwood, W.B. The Faroese Bird Names.Copenhagen 1961
Lodge, W.B.Pictures of Bird Life. S H Bousfield & Co Ltd London 1903
Lodge, W.B. Bird Hunting through Wild Europe. Robert Culley 1908
L.O.E.K.The Domestic Habits of Birds.Charles Knight, London, 1833
L.O.E.K.The Faculties of Birds.Charles Knight, London, 1835
Loke, Van T.A Company of Birds.Michael Joseph 1957
Lord, William Rogers. First Book upon the Birds of Oregon and Washington. 1902
Lovenskold, Herman L.Avifauna Svalbardensis,with a discussion on the geographical distribution of the birds in Spitsbergen and adjacent islands.1964
Carmichael-Low, G. The Literature of the Charadriformes from 1894 -1928. Witherby 1931
Lowe, Percy R. A Nauralist on a desert island.1911
Lowe W.P. The Trail that is always new.Gurney & Jackson 1932
Lowery, George H. Jr.Louisiana Birds. 1955
Loyd L.R.W. Bird Facts and Fallacies.Hutchinson ND
Lumis, L.M. A Review of the Albatrosses, Petrels and Diving Petrels. 1918
Lunk, William A. The Rough-Winged Swallow, A Studt based on it's breeding in Michigan. 1962
Lydekker, R. The Royal Natural History. Warne 1893-1896 (6 vols)
Lynes, H. Review of the Genus Cisticola. BOU 1930 (2 vols)
Lysaught A. Some Eighteenth Centuary Bird Paintings in the Library of Sir Joseph Banks.BMNH 1959

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The Birder's Market | New & Used bird books | Antiquarian Bird Books (pre 1986) |  Antiquarian Author L

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