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Maestri, Robert S.The Birds of Louisiana. 1931
Macgillivray, W. A History of British Birds, indigenous and migratory 1837-1840
Macgillivray, W.S & Thomson J A. Life of William Macgillivray. Murray 1910
Mackenzie John P. S.Birds in peril: A guide to the endangered birds of Canada and the United States.1977
Macpherson, Rev H.A. A History of fowling.Edinburgh 1897
Macpherson, Rev H.A. A Vertebrate Fauna of Lakeland including Cumberland and Westmorland with Lancashire north of the sands. Edinburgh 1892
Macpherson, Rev H.A The Birds of Cumberland critically studied including some notes on the Birds of Westmorland. 1886
Macpherson, H B. The Home-Life of a Golden Eagle. Hardback. Witherby & Co 1911
McAtee, W.L (ed). The Ring-Necked Pheasant and it's Management in North America. Washington 1945
McCNellie A.But Hibou was special.Raising of a Little Owl illustrated by Donald Watson.Country Life 1964
McCreary, Otto. Wyoming Bird Life. 1937
Makatsch, W. Die Vogel Welt Macedoniens. 1950
Manning, Stanley A. Broadland Naturalist :The Life of Arthur H Patterson. 1948
Manning, T.H. The Birds of West James Bay & Southern Hudson Bay Coasts.1952
Marshall, A.J. Bower-Birds: Their Displays and Breeding Cycles. Oxford 1954
Marshall, A.J. The Men and Birds of Paradise :journeys through Equatorial New Guinea. 1938
Martin, E.A. A Bibliography of Gilbert White. 1934
Martin, M. A Description of the West Islands of Scotland. 1934
Marriner, G.R. The Kea, A New Zealand Problem. 1909
Mathews, G.M. Systema Avium Australasianarum.BOU 1930
Mathews, G.M. The birds of Norfolk & Lord Howe islands and the Australasian south polar quadrant,: With additions to The birds of Australia. 1928
Mathews, G.M. A supplement to The birds of Norfolk & Lord Howe islands: To which is added those birds of New Zealand not figured by Buller. 1936
Mathews, G.M. A list of the birds of Australasia: (including New Zealand, Lord Howe and Norfolk islands, and the Australasian antarctic quadrant) 1931
Matthews, G.V.T. Bird Navigation. CUP 1955.
Matthews, G.V.T & Lincoln, F.C. Migration of Birds. Washington 1950
Matthews, G.V.T & Christian, G. Down Along Wind: A Study of Bird Migration. 1961
Matthews, L.H. Wandering Albatross. 1951
Matthisesen, Peter. The Shorebirds of North America. NY 1968
Mavrogordato, J.G. A Falcon in the Field. 1966
Mayfield, H. The Kirtland's Warbler. Michigan 1960
Mead C.Bird Ringing.BTO 1974
Meinertzhagen, R. Nicholl's Birds of Egypt. 1930 (2 vols)
Meinertzhagen, R. Birds of Arabia. Oliver & Boyd 1954.
Meinertzhagen, R.Pirates and Predators.The Piratical and Predatory habits of Birds.Oliver & Boyd 1959
Millais, J.G. Game Birds and Shooting Sketches. 1892
Millais, J.G. The Natural History of the British Surface Feeding Ducks. 1902
Miller , A.H. Speciation in tha avian genus Junco. UCP 1941
Miller, C. The Birds of Essex: A Contribution to the Natural History of the County. 1890
Mindel, David P. Nesting raptors in southwestern Alaska: Status, distribution and aspects of biology. 1983
Mitchell, F.S. The Birds of Lancashire. 1892
Mitchell, M.H. The Passenger Pigeon In Ontario. 1935
Mitchell, W.R. A Year With the Curlews.Castleberg 1967
Moore, G.P.British Birds systematically Arranged in Five Tables.Van Voorst 1879
Montagu, Colonel G.Ornithological Dictionary of British Birds 1833
Moreau, R.E. The Food of the Red-billed Oxpecker. 1933
Moreau, R.E.A Note on the Distribution of the Vulturine Fish-Eagle. 1933
Morris, B.R. British Game Birds & Wildfowl. Groombridge 1855
Morris, F.R. A History of British Birds (6 vols) 1903
Morrison, M.L et al. Research and Management of the Brown-headed cow Bird in western Landscapes. 1999
Mortensen, H.CHR.C. Studies in Bird Behaviour.Copenhagen 1950
Morton, J & Miller, M. The New Zealand Sea Shore. 1968
Mountford, G.Portrait of a Wilderness. The Story of Coto Donana Expeditions. 1958
Mountford, G. Portrait of a River. 1962
Mountford, G. Portrait of a Desert. 1965
Mountford, G. The Vanishing Jungle:Two Wildlife Expeditions to Pakistan.1969
Mudie,R. Feathered Tribes of the British Islands.(2 vols) 1851
Mulligan, James A. Singing Behaviour and it's development in the Song Sparrow. 1966
Mullins W.H et al.Geographical Bibliography of British Ornithology from Earliest times to the end of 1918.Arranged under Counties. Witherby 1920
Mumford, R. The Breeding Biology of the Acadian Flycatcher. Michigan 1964.
Murie, M.E. The Alaskan Bird Sketches of Olaus Murie.Alaska Northwest 1979
Murray, James A. The Avifauna of British India and it's dependencies. 1887-90
Musgrove, Jack W.Waterfowl in Iowa. 1947

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