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Antiquarian Ornithology books Author P

Palmer A.H. The Life of Joseph Wolf. Longmans 1895
Parker, Eric.The Ethics of Egg-Collecting.The Field 1935
Patterson, A.H. Wild Life on a Norfolk Estuary. 1907
Patterson, A.H.Notes of an East Coast Naturalist. Methuen 1904
Patterson, A.H. A Norfolk Naturalist:Observations on Birds,Mammals and Fishes. 1930
Patterson, Robert Lloyd. The Birds, Fishes and Cetacea of Belfast Lough. 1881
Pearce T. Birds of the Early Explorers in the Norther Pacific. PP Comox BC 1978
Perrins, C.M & Birkhead T.R.Avian Ecology.Blackie 1983
Perrotr,C.L.E. A Selection of British Birds.V1 1835
Tory-Peterson, R.A field guide to western birds.1941
Tory-Peterson, R.A Field Guide to the Birds giving field marks of all species found in eastern north america. NY 1934
Phillips, J.C. A Natural History of the Ducks. (4 vols) 1922-26
Phillipps, W.J. The Birds of the Huia. 1963
Pike,Oliver G. Home life in Bird-land 1906
Pike,Oliver G. Birdland. ND
Pike,Oliver G. Adventures in Birdland. ND
Pinault, M.Le Peintre et l'Histoire Naturelle.1991
Watkins-Pitchford T.J (BB).Tide's Ending.1950
Watkins-Pitchford T.J (BB). Dark Estuary. 1953
Pitt, Frances. Meet us in the Garden.Hardback 1946
Pollard, E.H. The Birds of My Parish. Bodley Head 1900
Pope, Patricia E.Seashore and Wading Birds of Florida. 1974
Power, F.D. Ornithological notes from a south London suburb, 1874-1909. Glaisher 1910
Poynting, Frank.Eggs of British Birds,with an account of their breeding habits. 1895-6
Pratt, Ambrose. The Lore of the Lyre Bird. Melbourne 1940
Prestwich A. I Name this Parrot. Prestwich 1963
Priest, Cecil D. A Guide to the Birds of Southern Rhodesia and a record of their nesting habits. 1929
Priestly.Mary. A Book of Birds 1937. with 82 wood engravings by C F Tunnicliffe
Pycraft, W.P. A History of Birds. Methuen 1910

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The Birder's Market | New & Used bird books | Antiquarian Bird Books (pre 1986) |  Antiquarian Author P

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