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Rand, Austin L & Gilliard,E.T. Handbook of New Guinea Birds.1967
Rand, Austin L The Distribution and Habits of Madagascar Birds. NY 1936
Raven, Charles E. John Ray Naturalist:His life and works. 1942.
Raven, Charles E. English Naturalists from Neckham to Ray. 1947
Rayner, J.M.V. Vertebrate Flight. 1985
Rayner, J.M.V.Checklist to the Matthews Ornithological Collection. 1966
Reed,C A. North American Birds Eggs.Dover 1904
Rennie, J.The Field Naturalist.Orr & Smith 1833.
Richdale, L.E. A Study of a group of Penguins of known Age. 1949
Richdale, L.E. Post-egg Period in Albatrosses. 1952
Richdale, L.E. The Pre-Egg Stage in the Albatross Family. 1950
Richdale, L.E A Population Study of Penguins.1957
Riley, Joseph H. Birds from Siam and the Malayan Peninsula in the United States National Museum. 1938
Rintoul, L J & Baxter E.V. A Vertebrate Fauna of Forth. Oliver & Boyd 1935
Ripley,S. D.A Paddling of Ducks.Smithsonian 1957
Ripley,S. D & Scrivner, L.L. Ornithological books in the Yale University Library including the Library of William Robertson. 1961
Ritter, William Emerson. The California Woodpecker and I. UCP 1938
Ritter, William Emerson & Bickwell, G.B. The Prairie Horned Lark. St Louis 1931
Ritter, William Emerson & Friedmann, H. Host Relations of the Parasitic Cowbirds - The Evolutionary History of the Genus Chrysococcyx. washington 1963
Riviere, B.B. A History of the Birds of Norfolk. 1930
Roberts, Thomas S.Birds of Minnesota. (two vols) 1932
Roberts, Thomas S.Manual for the Identification of The Birds of Minnesota and Neighboring States. 1974
Robinson E & Fitter R.John Clare's Birds OUP 1982
Robinson, Herbert C & Chasen F.N. The Birds of the Malay Peninsula.(3 vols). 1927
Robinson, W.L. Fool Hen,The Spruce Grouse on the Yellow Gog Plains. 1980
Rudebeck G. Studies on Bird Migration based on Bird Migration Field Studies in Southern Sweden. 1950
Rudolf of Austria. Notes on Sport and Ornithology. 1889

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The Birder's Market | New & Used bird books | Antiquarian Bird Books (pre 1986) |  Antiquarian Author R

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