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Antiquarian Ornithology books Author S

Salter, John H. Bird Life Throughout The Year. London, The Swarthmore Press 1924
Savage, Christopher. The Mandarin Duck. 1952
Saunders A, A. A Distributional list of the Birds of Montana. 1921
Saxby, Henry L. The Birds of Shetland, with observations of their migration and occasional appearance. 1874
Schorger, A.W. The Passenger Pigeon it's Natural History and Extinction. 1973
Sclater, William L. System Avium Ethiopicarum. BOU 1924-1930
Scott Sir Peter. Wild Chorus.1938
Scott Sir Peter. Morning Flight. 1949
Scott Sir Peter. Wild Geese & Eskimos. 1951
Scott Sir Peter. A Thousand Geese. 1953
Scott Sir Peter. And Clouds Flying. 1947
Scott Sir Peter. The Swans.1972
Scott, Thomas G.Nesting Birds of Iowa. 1938
Scheithaur, W. Hummingbirds. 1967
Schorger, A.W. The Wild Turkey it's History and Domestication. 1966
Seaby A W.The Birds of the Air.1932
Seebohn,Henry. Siberia in Europe. John Murray London 1880
Seebohn,Henry. Siberia in Asia. John Murray London 1882
Seebohn,Henry. The Geographical Distribution of the Family Charadiidae or the Plovers,Sandpipers, Snipes and their allies. 1888
Seebohn,Henry.A History of British Birds. (3 vols) 1883
Seigne, J.W & Keith, E.C. Woodcock & Snipe. 1936
Selous, Edmund. Evolution of Habit in Birds.1933
Selous, Edmund. Bird Watching .1901
Selous, Edmund. Bird Life glimpses. 1905
Selous, Edmund. The Bird Watcher in the Shetlands. J M Dent & Co 1905
Seth-Smith, D. Parrakeets:A Handbook to the Imported Species. 1903
Seton G. St Kilda past and present. 1878.
Sharpe, R B. On The Birds Colected by Prof J.B Steer in the Philipine Archipelago. 1877
Sharpe, R.B. A Chapter on Birds.SPCK 1895
Sharpe, R.B. A Handbook to the Birds of Great Britain. 1896 (2vols)
Shaw, L.H. De Visme et al. Snipe and Woodcock. 1903
Sheldon, William G. The Book of the American Woodcock. 1971
Shnitikov, V.N. Birds of Semirecha. Moscow 1949
Sibley, C.G. A Comparative Study Of The Egg-White Proteins of Passerine Birds.Yale 1970
Sick, Helmut.Studies of Birds & Animals of South America.Tyron Gallery 1967
Sim, George. A Vertebrate Fauna of Dee. Aberdeen 1903
Simon, A.Birds and their Eggs.W&FS 1944.
Simpson,C.J.W. North Ice,The British North Greenland Expedition.1957
Sitwell, S.Audubon's American Birds.Batsford 1949
Sitwell, S.Tropical Birds.John Gould.Batsford 1948
Sitwell, S et al.Fine Bird Books: 1700-1900. 1953
Skead,C.J. The Sunbirds of Southern Africa, The White-eyes and Spotted Creeper. 1967
Skutch, A.F. Parent Birds and their Young.University of Texas 1976
Slud, P. The Birds of Costa Rica: Distribution and Ecology. NY 1964
Smith, G.A. Lovebirds and Related Parrots. 1979
Smythies, Bertram E. The Birds of Burma. 1953
Smythies, Bertram E An Annotated Check list of the Birds of Borneo. Kuching 1957
Smythies, Bertram E. The Birds of Borneo. 1960
Someren, V.G.L. Days With Birds.Studies of Habits of Some east African Species. 1956.
Soper, J Dewey.Life Histories of the Blue Goose. 1942
Sowerby, Arthur.A Naturalist's Notebook in China.1925
Spencer, K.G. The Lapwing in Britain. 1953
Stanard, Henry. Outdoor Common Birds. 1898
Stanley, E.History of Birds. Green & Co. London 1890
Stebbing Rev Thomas R.R. The Naturalist of Cumbrae.1891
Steele, R.C. & Welch R.C. Monks Wood:A Nature Reserve Record.1973
Stephens, T.C. The Summer Birds of the Lake Okoboji Region of Iowa. 1938
Stephens, T. C .Notes on the birds of South Dakota, with a preliminery list for Union County. 1918
Sterland, W.J. The Birds of Sherwood Forest. Reeve 1869
Stevenson, Henry & Southwell Thomas. The Birds of Norfolk with remarks on their habits, migration and local distribution. 1866, 1870 and 1890 (3 vols)
Stonehouse, B (ed). The Biology of Penguins. 1975
Stonham, Charles.The Birds of the British Islands. (5 vols 1906-11)
Stresemann, E & V. Die Mauser Der Vogel.Berlin 1966
Strong, R.M. A Bibliography of Birds.(4 parts) 1939-59 Chicago
Stuart-Wortley, A.J. The Partridge .1896
Stuart-Wortley, A.J. The Pheasant.1904
Sutton, G.M. Mexican Birds. 1951
Surr, Elizabeth.Sea-birds and the lessons of their lives.1878
Sutton, G.M. Iceland Summer Adventures of a Bird Painter. 1961
Sutton, G.M. High Arctic, An Expedition to the Unspoiled North. NY 1971
Swainson, Rev C.The Folklore and Provincial Names of British Birds.FLS 1885
Swan, H.K.The Birds of London. 1893
Swann, H.K.Two Ornithologists on the Lower Danube.Weldon & Welsey 1925
Swann,H.K Nature in Acadie. Bale 1925
Swann,H.K A Dictionary of English & Folk Names of British Birds. 1913
Swarth, Harry S. The Avifauna of the Galapagos Islands. San Fransisco 1931
Swaysland, W.Familiar Wild Birds.Cassell 1901

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