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Antiquarian Ornithology books Author T

Talbot Kelly, R.B. The Way of Birds.Collins 1937
Tattershall, W.M. Glamorgan County History:Vol 1 Natural History.1936
TCOIGS. The Gouse in Health & Disease. 1911
Tegetmeier, W.B. Pigeons:Their Structure, Varieties, Habits and Management. Routledge 1868
Tegetmeier, W.B.
Temperley, G.W. A History of the Birds of Durham. 1951
Terras, H. The Story of the Cuckoo's Egg. Dutton NY (nd).
Thomson D C.The Water-colour Drawings of Thomas Bewick .Newcastle 1809
Thorburn, Archibald. British Birds 1925.Four volumes. Hardback.
Thorburn, Archibald. Game Birds and Wildfowl of Great Britain and Ireland. Longmans Green & Company 1923
Thorburn, Archibald. A Naturalist's Sketchbook. Longmans 1919
Thorburn, Archibald. British Mammals. 1920-21
Thorpe, A.The Birds of Daniel Giraud Elliot.
Ticehurst, Claud B. A History of the Birds of Suffolk. 1932
Ticehurst, Claud B. A Systematic Review of the Genus Phylloscopus (Willow warblers or leaf-warblers). British Museum 1938
Ticehurst, Norman F. A History of the Birds of Kent. 1909.
Ticehurst, Norman F. The Mute Swan in England. 1957
Tinbergen, N.The Bahaviour of the Snow Bunting in Spring. NY 1939
Tinbergen, N & Falkas Hugh.Signals for Survival.OUP 1970
Todd ,Frank.Waterfowl:Ducks,Geese and Swans of the World. 1979
Todd, W.EC & Carriker, M.A. The Birds of Santa Marta Region of Colombia: A Study in Altitudinal Distribution. 1922
Tolly, B & Allen, F.H. The Journal of Henry D Thoreau. NY 1962
Tomkies, M On Wing and wild water. Cape 1987
Tunnicliffe, C.F. Mereside Chronicle.Country Life 1948
Tunnicliffe, C.F.A Sketchbook of Birds .Gollancz 1979.
Tunnicliffe, C.F.Sketches of Bird Life.Gollancz 1981
Tunnicliffe, C.F.Shorelands Summer Diary. 1952
Turbott, E.G. Buller's Birds of New Zealand. 1967
Turnbull, William P. The Birds of East Lothian and a portion of the Adjoining Counties. Glasgow 1867

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The Birder's Market | New & Used bird books | Antiquarian Bird Books (pre 1986) |  Antiquarian Author T

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