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Antiquarian Ornithology books Author W

Walkinshaw, L. Cranes of the World. 1973
Wallace, George J. Bicknell's Thrush, It's Taxonomy Distribution and Life History. boston 1939
Walmesley White, W.Bird Life in Devon 1931
Hogan-Warburg,A.J. Social Behaviour of the Ruff. Leiden 1966.
Warren, B.H. Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania, with special reference to the food-habits based on over 400 stomach examinations. Harrisburg 1890
Watkins, W. The Birds of Tennyson. 1903
Watson, Donald.Birds of Moor and Mountain.Scottish Academic Press 1972.
Weber, K & Hoffman, L. Camargue.The Soul of a Wilderness.Harrap 1970
Wells, M.G. World Bird Species Checklist:With Alternative English and Scientific Names.Worldlist 1998.
Weiss, Henning. Life of the Harrier in Denmark. 1923
Weston, Francis Marion.A survey of the birdlife of northwestern Florida.1965
Wetmore, A. The Birds of the Republic of Panama. (4 vols). 1965 -84.
Wetmore, A & Swales, B.H. The Birds of Haiti & the Dominican Republic.1931
Wheeler, George M. Report Upon Ornithological Specimens Collected in the Years 1871,72 and 1873. Washington 1874
Wheeler, George M & Merriam, C Hart. A Review of the Birs of Connecticut. 1877
Wheeler, Robert J. The Wild Turkey in Alabama. 1948
Whinnom, K. A Glossary of Spanish Bird Names. 1966
Whitaker, J. British Duck Decoys of Today. 1918
Whitaker, J.I.S The Birds of Tunisia. RH Porter 1905
White, Gilbert. The Natural History and Antiquities of Selbourne. ND
Whittel H. M The Literature of Australian Birds. Paterson Brokenshaw 1954.
Willughby, Francis. The Ornithology of Francis Willoughby.1972
Whymper, Charles. Egyptian Birds for the most part seen in the Nile Valley. 1909
Williams, C.S. Honker: A Discussion of the habits and needs of the largest of our Canada Geese. 1967
Williamson, H. The Lone Swallows. 1933
Williamson, H. The Peregrine's Saga. 1937
Williamson, K . The Atlantic Island. 1948
Williamson, K. Fair Isle and it's Birds. 1965
Williamson, K & Boyd, J Morton.St Kilda Summer. 1960
Williamson, K & Boyd, J Morton.A Mosaic of Islands. Oliver & Boyd 1963
Wiiliamson, K.The Sky's Their Highway. Putman 1937
Witherby H.F et al. The Handbook of British Birds.
Wynne, Colonel Owen E.Biograhical Key -Names of Birds of the World -To Authors and Those Commemorated.Wynne 1969

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The Birder's Market | New & Used bird books | Antiquarian Bird Books (pre 1986) |  Antiquarian Author W

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