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Birding in India and Nepal

France Breil, Jean C. Roché
The sumptuous sounds of wildlife in Northern India and Nepal. The songs and calls of each bird species are indexed so this CD can used as a sound guide. 69 min.
Birdsongs of Nepal
Birdsongs of Nepal
Scott Connop
66 species, each announced, especially those for which the songs and calls are important in identification and location. Please note that apart from more comprehensive vocalisations of 6 species, there is no overlap between the species covered by this tape and includes one of Nepal's two endemics, Spiny Babbler.
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Forests and Mountains of Asia

Atmospheric soundscapes from China, Nepal, Malaysia and Thailand, the first ever published on these countries. All the sweetness and delicacy of the sounds of the orient.

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Jungles of Sumatra

Jungles of Sumatra 1

Fifty minutes of concerts from the jungles of Sumatra, preceeded by ten minutes from the forests of the nearby island of Java.
Jungles of Sulawesi

Jungles of Sulawesi. Great prices at Amazon


Concerts recorded in the jungles of the Celebes Islands, or Sulawesi. The natural concerts from this part of the world, a tropical region still largely covered in forest, offer an astonishing variety of sounds never before produced on CD

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Jungles of Sri Lanka

Jean C. Roché, Anthony Walker
Five concerts from most of the island's habitats, followed by a sound guide specifically isolating 43 particular species. 11 of Sri Lanka's 23 endemics are included, and many more species can be identified within the concerts with the aid of the informative colour booklet. 115 min.

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A Journey through Mongolia

Anne Kenedi
This is the first ever CD to feature the natural atmospheres of Mongolia. It contains 8 natural concerts, recorded between May and September 1999.

The Birder's Market | Aviansounds CD MP3 | CD Sound Guides |  Asia

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