Atmosphere recordings (Britain)

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Dryad-Woodland Soundscapes

Over 76 minutes.10 tracks. An album that moves from melodious bird song ambiences in spring in spacious, open acoustics to more gothic moods of autumn and winter. Including a May dawn chorus, sessile oakwood scenes with pied flycatcher and wood warbler, northern birchwood with redstart and willow warbler, the hum of insects and passing bird calls in the late summer, rutting red deer stags on a stormy October evening and Tawny Owls on a frosty winter night. Geoff Sample.

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Sea-shore Soundscapes

Over 74 minutes with 12 tracks.Shorter intimate scenes with the hypnotic rythems of lapping surfs and rock swells are interspersed with more open,longer soundscapes from the dunes,a village harbour,estuarine flats,sea-loch and sea-cliff.Scenes are taken from all four seasons and feature the typical sounds of the songbirds,gulls and terns,waders and wildfowl of the British coast.

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British Soundscapes

Jean C Roche
54 minutes of Ambient recordings from the wooded valleys and mountainsides of Wales to the meadows and pinewoods of Thurso in Scotland.

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Moorland Soundscapes

Over 73 minutes. An album of open spacious soundscapes, intermittent breezes with haunting calls of divers. lapwing, curlew and other waders, raven, sprightly bird song (wheatear & whinchat) and much skylark song....

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Wetland Soundscapes

Geoff Sample

Rich and diverse environments inhabited by specialised creatures whose strange musical rituals and sound signals have evolved to the acoustics of dense vegetation, wide open flats and open water.

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Sounds of the British Coastline

A celebration of the diverse habitats that can be found along the coastline of Britain. 70 min.
A Northumberland cliff-face alive with Kittiwakes and Fulmars
a tranquil Norfolk harbour
a colony of Grey Seals among the sand dunes of Lincolnshire
a busy coastal reed bed at dawn
the loud cries of the Herring Gull, a common sound from our seaside towns
lapping waves on a shingle beach

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Birdsong of Britain

74 minutes playing time.13 tracks. atmospheric recordings of some of the characteristic bird song of wood, heath, marsh and moor from various locations around Britain, including some of the more unusual songs to be heard, such as Grasshopper Warbler and a Capercaillie lek.

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Dawn Chorus

Geoff Sample

Every morning throughout spring and early summer, a wave of birdsong surges ahead of the rising sun and the gardens and woods of Britain are a riot of sound. This CD captures the beauty of the British dawn chorus magnificently. 74 min.

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Dawn Chorus: A Sound Portrait of a British Woodland at Sunrise

Phil Riddett

The spring dawn chorus in Britain is one of the most celebrated and uplifting sounds in the natural world. Five stereo ambient recordings capture the magical awakening of bird-life at daybreak in British woodland. No announcements interrupt the sequences. British Library

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The Birder's Market | Aviansounds CD MP3 | CD Sound Guides | Atmosphere and relaxation |  Atmosphere recordings (Britain)

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