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Bahamas National Trust

Bahamas National Trust

Established by an Act of Parliament in 1959, the Bahamas National Trust is mandated with the conservation of the natural and historic resources of The Bahamas. This responsibility is achieved primarily through in-situ protection. The Trust is the only known non-governmental organization in the world with the mandate to manage a country’s entire national park system.
The global conservation community recognizes the establishment and management of national parks and protected areas as the
pinnacle of a country’s efforts to protect its biodiversity. In 2002 the National Park System of The Bahamas was doubled in size, an
unprecedented accomplishment in protected area history. Ten new National Parks were created, protecting both marine and
terrestrial territories within their boundaries, and bringing the total acreage of the national system to more than 700,000 and the
total number of sites to twenty-five.

The Bahamas National Trust brought about this accomplishment as a result of years of preparatory work and cultivation in local
communities, and with government and other stakeholders.
Non-consumptive use of natural resources within park boundaries can provide significant economic contributions to communities
neighboring national parks. Benefits beyond boundaries are also being increasingly demonstrated around the world. Many
organizations charged with National Park management report a significant multiplier effect for new jobs in the wider community for
each job established within the park.

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