Bempton Cliffs

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Bempton Cliffs reserve

Bempton Cliffs reserve

The largest chalk sea-cliffs in eastern Britain, Bempton RSPB reserve extends over 5KM.It remains one of the most spectacular of the RSPB reserves with stunning views over one of the largest seabird colonies in Britain.The carefully managed grasslands above the cliffs encourage many breeding farmland birds including skylark, tree sparrow (good numbers), linnet, meadow pipit, reed and corn bunting , although the latter are now very scarce and are best looked for on the reserve fringes. The reserve is at its most quiet in winter although Short-eared owl (up to twelve birds) are regular visitors.The reserve is at its most interesting April - July with the breeding season in full swing .200,000 seabirds including gannets, puffins, guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, kittiwakes, herring gulls and shags.Above the cliffs, tree sparrows, whitethroats, grasshopper warblers, sedge warblers, skylarks, linnets, reed buntings, rock and meadow pipits can be seen within 200 m of the visitor centre and car park.

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Free Sound recording of Bempton Cliffs reserveFree Sound recording of Bempton Cliffs reserve

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Razorbill pic :Omar Runolfsson

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the stunning chalk cliffs are teaming with seabirds from late April to July

the stunning chalk cliffs are teaming with seabirds from late April to July

A series of safe viewing areas give visitors a unique birds-eye view of the seabirds rarely found at other reserves.RSPB wardens are usually on hand to point out the various species and to answer any questions. There is an information centre (telephone 01262 851179) with toilets and a gift shop.Tree sparrows are often found in bushes around the car park, and a sightings board keeps visitors informed as to the latest migrant arrivals and breeding seabird numbers.At the cliff-top path, it is possible to walk either west or east. Walking east leads to the area favoured by gannet and auks.Walking west towards Flamborough is generally much quieter (visitor wise) and this area now seems to be favoured by the sadly declining Corn Bunting. Scanning posts and wire fencing to the field boundaries should be rewarding, although learning their call, which is very distinctive (often described as being like a bunch of keys jangling) would be an advantage.
A recording is available of Corn Bunting at Bempton Cliffs in 2006 (see that species in our online guide to the Birds of Britain & Europe). Check out the podcasts page for further links.Click here for the reserve location map....

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