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BirdMap Canada BirdMap Canada
Information on bird distributions is valuable for bird conservation. It can help to inform land-use planning and environmental impact assessment, can help to identify gaps in research and monitoring needs, and can inform birders and naturalists what species they might expect in an area. Information on migration routes is also important to determine connectivity -- where do the birds from different parts of Canada migrate, and which of these areas are particularly important for their conservation. Click here for further information...
Cape Sable IBA

Cape Sable IBA

Cape Sable
Important Bird Area

The Cape Sable Important Bird Area is globally significant for the Atlantic Brant. In late winter and early spring, thousands of Brant congregate on the flats of the Hawk Channel, with a high count of 8,000 recorded in April 1997. Bird Studies Canada states that this represents about 6% of Atlantic Brant population.

At the peak of the winter and spring season 5-9000 Brant congregate each year on the Hawk and Daniel's Head Flats to feed on the eelgrass.
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Jasper National ParkJasper National Park
Jasper National Park, established in 1907, is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies with 10,878 square kilometres of mountain wilderness.

Jasper is the wildest of the mountain parks, and contains a superb backcountry trail system as well as the world famous Columbia Icefields, one of the only Icefields in the world accessible by road. It is internationally-renowned for wildlife viewing, and is home to some of North America's rarest animals, including healthy populations of grizzly bears, moose, caribou and wolves.

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Locations for Birding in Vancouver

The information is summarized from "The Birder's Guide to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland", prepared by the Vancouver Natural History Society. Full directions to each location, descriptions of bird watching sites and details of the bird species to be found are contained in the book.

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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations |  Birding sites Canada

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