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Abaco National Park
This National Park, comprising 20,500 acres in Southern Abaco near Hole In The Wall, has been designated a preservation area by the Bahamas Government and is managed by The Bahamas National Trust. Included are 5,000 acres of pine forest the nesting area and habitat of about 1000 endangered Bahama or "Abaco" Parrots. The parrots once lived on as many as seven islands in The Bahamas, but now only exist in Abaco and Great Inagua.
The Rand Nature Centre
The Rand Nature Centre was named for James H. Rand, a renowned philanthropist of Freeport, who died in 1968. The 100-acre sanctuary was the first education nature center to be established in The Islands of The Bahamas and its goal is to preserve the natural Grand Bahamian habitat as a heritage for future generations.
Located only minutes from downtown Freeport, the Rand Nature center is Grand Bahama Island's most accessible national park. Most people come to the Rand Nature Center to see its prized West Indian flamingos -- the national bird of the Islands of the Bahamas. The birds nest and mill around a pond located about a half-mile inside the park. Other birds are also plentiful, including Antillean Peewee birds, Red-legged Thrushes, Stripe-headed Tanagers, the endangered Bahama Parrot and, occasionally, a Kirtland's Warbler.......
Site Map of National ParksSite Map of National Parks
Bahamas National Trust has an online site map of its National parks.This map can be accessed by clicking here.....
Inagua National Park and other areas
Inagua National Park........, home to the world's breeding colony of (around 50,000) Caribbean Flamingos Phoenicopterus ruber
The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is managed through the Parks Partnership Project with The Nature Conservancy, supported by the Bacardi Family Foundation
Conception Island National Park: an important sanctuary for migratory birds and sea birds.
Tiloo Cay: 20 acre cay in Abaco which provides nesting for tropical birds, as well as other avian species
Birds of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands

Birds of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands

A comprehensive ornithological guide introducing both visitors and residents to the bird life of the Bahamas Archipelago and the neighbouring Turks and Caicos Islands.

The text contains colour photographs and information on the breeding birds of the region plus the most commonly recorded migrants that either pass through on their way to other destinations or stay during the winter season.

The author has divided the birds into two sections, land and water, and the level of presentation is introductory and many detailed explanations and more technical terms have been avoided. Not every bird that has been recorded in the region is included but emphasis is on how to recognize or identify the various species and their plumages plus information on how the birds are distributed in the islands and whether or not they are common, uncommon or rare. Behaviour and habitat preferences are covered as well as calls and songs. Additionally, there are comments about the region's subspecies especially those that are endemic to the area.

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