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Tropical Island Rainforest

The Barre de L’isle Forest Reserve gets its name from the fact that it is a ridge that divides the eastern and western halves of St Lucia. It takes approximately one hour to walk this one-mile trail and another hour to climb Mr. La Combe ridge.
The Barre de L’isle trail provided panoramic views from four lookout points along the trail. Observe the ragged Mount Gimie and the blue-green mountain rainforest, Cul-de-Sac valley, the Caribbean Sea and community of Aux Leon. View the expansive Mabouya Valley and Fond d’Or beach on the Atlantic coast.
Mahaut is St Lucia’s most hidden lush rainforest. Drive six miles inland from the east coast main highway through a secondary road. Home to the rare St Lucia Parrot (Jacquot).White Breasted Thrasher, the St. Lucia Peewee, St. Lucia Wren. St. Lucia Warbler, St Lucia Black Finch and the St. Lucia Oriole. Trek through the rainforest and view the wonderful verdant forest, discover some of St Lucia’s endemic wildlife on this two-kilometer trail.
Enbas Saut trail is within the 19,000 acres of Central Rainforest Reserve; six miles East of Soufriere and at the foot of the highest mountain peak, (Mount Gimie) in St Lucia.
The Enbas Saut Falls trail is a 4km cut trail. Remote, yet unbelievably scenic, with a combination of Rainforest, Cloud Forest, Elfin Woodlands and wildlife. The hilly terrain of Piton Canarie, Piton Troumassee and Mount Gimie stands predominant not too far from the trail. Enbas Saut when translated to English means “below the falls”. Hence the trail is famous for its two cascading waterfalls and pools at the head of the Troumassee River.

Field guide to the Birds of the West Indies

Field guide to the Birds of the West Indies

Covers all species occurring in the West Indies. The book uses the plates from the acclaimed Birds of the West Indies (Helm), with concise text on facing pages covering all aspects of field identification. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use guide to the spectacular West Indian avifauna, perfect for experienced birders and interested laypersons alike.

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Saint Lucia National Trust

Saint Lucia National Trust

The Saint Lucia National Trust is responsible for the conservation and management of a number of sites around the island. Pigeon Island National Landmark, the Maria Islands Nature Reserve and Frégate Islands Nature Reserve.Click here for further details of these spectacular reserves and other sites of St Lucia.

St. Lucia - Hiking and Bird Watching

During the two hours of walking you will also get numerous opportunities to see some of the island's rarest birds (St. Lucia Orioles, Mockingbirds, Tyrants, Hummingbirds, Bananaquits, etc...) including the world famous Amazona Versicolor (the St. Lucian parrot indigenous to the island)......more information...
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The Birds of St Lucia

The Birds of St Lucia

This is a useful review of our current knowledge of the avifauna of St Lucia.Allan Keith provides a broad ornithological perspective,drawing upon recent research from elsewhere in the region,and he has made the most of the data available to him-St Lucia's avifauna remains comparatively little investigated,and it is to be hoped that this compilation will encourage ornithologists to fill many of the gaps in our knowledge...PGH Evans IBIS
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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites Caribbean |  Birding sites St Lucia

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