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Located at the northernmost tip of the African Continent, Tunisia spreads over an area of 164000 km².
Given its small size, Tunisia's contrasting biological diversity is remarkable; over a distance of only a few hundred kilometres, one can pass from a Saharan landscape to lush cork oak forest, &a feat which is easily accomplished by car in less than a day's time! In addition, Tunisia is surrounded by approximately 1300 km of coastline, given the highest ratio of coastline to total surface area of all the countries in Africa.
Tunisia's natural wealth draws from seven major types of ecosystems: The coastal regions, the islands, the wetlands, the mountains, the steppes, the deserts and the oases.
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Ichkeul National Park

Ichkeul National Park

The park consists of an isolated and wooded massif (Djebel Ichkeul) and a brackish water permanent lake (Lac Ichkeul). The lake is indirectly connected to the sea by the river, Oued Tindja, which leads into the marine lagoon, Lac de Bizerte. There is approximately 1,360ha of mountain terrain, 8,500ha of lake habitat, the rest being represented by marshland. The lake is connected to the sea by Lac de Bizerte, and classed as a 'marine wetland' (Morgan, 1982). It exhibits a fresh water element being fed by several rivers in the west and south, such as the Oued Djoumine. These water sources dry out over the summer months. At this time of year a lack of incoming fresh-water, in combination with high levels of evaporation, result in an overall drop in the level of the lake.
Greater Flamingo, Spoonbill, White-headed Duck, Long-legged Buzzard, Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus caerleus), Osprey, Marsh Harrier, Barbary Partridge, White Stork, and Moussier's Redstart (Phoenicurus moussieri) pictured right.
Other excellent sites include Kneiss Islands (Caspian and Gull-billed Terns,Slender-billed and Audouin's Gulls.Jebil National Park (Cream-coloured Courser, Brown­necked Raven. Fulvous Babbler, Trumpeter Finch, House Bunting,Desert, Scrub and Tristram's Warblers, Desert Sparrow

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