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Avifaunal Areas of Zambia

Avifaunal Areas of Zambia

Excellent web site from Zambia tourism showing the type of habitat that Zambia has to offer with the bird species present.Example;-
Riverbanks often support a growth of riparian forest. Even if only a few meters wide or discontinuous, this habitat and the water it overhangs may be occupied by White-backed Night Heron, Green-backed Heron, Hadeda, African Black Duck, African finfoot, Pel’s Fishing Owl, Half-collared and Giant Kingfishers, Bohms Bee-eater, Olive woodpecker,Grey-olive Bulbul , Cassin’s Grey Flycatcher , Black throated Wattle-eye and Spectacled Weaver.

North of about 14 degrees, patches of wet evergreen forest, often called mushitu, grow on moist ground along rivers or at their headwaters. This rich habitat is more widespread at plateau levels than in low lying country between lakes Mweru and Tanganyika and it does not occur in the northern Luangwa Valley. Mushitu birds that are relatively widespread in northern Zambia include Woolly-necked Stork, Golden-rumped Tinkerbird, Purple-throated Cuckoo Shrike, Little and Cabanis’s Greenbuls, Yellow-throated Leaflove, West African Thrush, Bocage’s Robin, Evergreen Forest and Laura’s Warblers, Grey Apalis, Blue-mantled Flycatcher, Olive Sunbird, Many-coloured Bush Shrike, Square-tailed Drongo, Splendid Glossy Starling (m), Dark-backed Weaver and Black-bellied Seed-cracker. Less widespread mushitu species include Cinnamon Dove, Margaret’s Batis (w) and Green Twinspot.

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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites Africa |  Birding sites Zambia

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