Cairngorm Mountains

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Cairngorm Montains
The Cairngorm Mountains

The Cairngorm Mountains

Cairn Gorm lies at the northern end of the Cairngorm Mountains; a remote plateau which is over 4000ft in height and segmented by deep north to south running valleys. Cairn Gorm is Scotland's sixth highest mountain at 4082ft or 1244m: the Cairngorms collectively also contain four other, higher summits culminating in Ben Macdui at 4295ft or 1309m. Breeding birds include Ptarmigan , Dotterel (right) and Snow Bunting .The Cairngorms are very remote,however Cairn Gorm itself is far from remote, as the northern side of the mountain has seen significant ski-related development over a period of forty years. This used to involve a chairlift operating all year round carrying visitors in two stages up to the Ptarmigan Restaurant, at a height of nearly 1100m, and only 150m below the summit itself.
As a result the area has benefitted from the year-round business that goes with being a major ski centre as well as a summer attraction; but the mountain and its wildlife suffered badly from being by far the easiest of Scotland's really high (ie 4000ft+) mountains to ascend. Most people using the chairlift to get to the Ptarmigan Restaurant then went on to use one of the two eroded paths to ascend the final 150m to the summit.

Snow bunting on Cairngorm This all changed in December 2001 with the opening of the CairnGorm Mountain Railway, a funicular that runs to the re-built Ptarmigan Resteraunt.However,In the Summer season visitors are not permitted to access the mountain from here.A better option is to take the steep path from Coire Cas (allow two - three hours) (five to six hours in total) and check the local weather forecast.
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