Barnby Broad and Marshes

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Castle Marshes photograph

Castle marshes nature reserve

Barnby Broad and Marshes

Barnby Broad and Marshes

Barnby Broad and Marshes is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in the Waveney district of the English county of Suffolk. The site is 189.6 hectares (469 acres) in size. It is in the parishes of North Cove and Barnby, located between Beccles and Lowestoft in the north of the county. The site is within the Broads Authority area and bordered on its southern edge by the Easy Suffolk railway line and to the north by the River Waveney.

The site consists of a mixture of grazing marsh, carr woodland, fen and open water habitats stretching from the edge of the villages of Barnby and North Cove northwards across flood plains to the river. Much of the site floods seasonally and provides a habitat for a variety of bird species. The site is partly owned and managed by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust who operate two reserves within the SSSI area.
Castle Marshes pictured makes up the gazing marsh section of the SSSI. These cover the flood plain of the River Waveney from the edge of the wooded area to the south to the remains of Castle Mill in the north. The marshes are drained with dykes and are managed using traditional cattle grazing. Rare species breeding here include the Norfolk hawker dragonfly Aeshna isoceles. The protected fen raft spider has been reintroduced onto the site as part of a project organised by Natural England and Suffolk Wildlife Trust and partly funded by a grant from the BBC Wildlife Fund.

The marshes are flooded in winter, providing over-wintering habitat for bird species such as teal, shoveller and gadwall and breeding grounds for lapwing and common redshank pictured. (nest pictured).
Bird of prey species such as marsh harrier and hobby are also present.



Much of the marshland area on the site is owned and managed as a nature reserve by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. This area is 71 hectares (180 acres) in area and extends along the southern backs of the Waveney towards Lowestoft outside the SSSI area. Access to the reserve is restricted, although public footpaths run along the river wall.

The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites England | Birding sites Suffolk |  Barnby Broad and Marshes

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