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Birding in the West Indies

Bird Songs of Southeastern Arizona & Sonora, Mexico

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Bird Songs of Mexico: Yucatan Peninsula, Vol. 1

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Bird Songs in Jamaica
Bird Songs in Jamaica
Reynard, Sutton
This sound guide identifies 119 species found in Jamaica, including such characteristic species as Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, Jamaican Euphonia, Jamaican Oriole, Jamaican Owl, Ring-tailed Pigeon, Crested Quail-Dove, and White-eyed Thrush. It is designed as an audio companion to Jamaican field guides such as Birds of the West Indies by Herbert Raffaele et al. The guide includes recordings of all resident land birds, including more than two dozen endemic species, many never before available. This is a must-have guide for birders traveling to Jamaica. Indexed and announced.
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Costa Rican Bird Song Sampler

David L Ross
This compact disc contains 184 of the most often heard Costa Rican birds (nearly a third of the country's resident species). The sounds are numbered and sequenced to follow the order in which they appear in the plates in Guide to Birds of Costa Rica (See HELM New Books).
The recordings are presented within the following eight easy-to-use, "digestible" categories:

Widespread Species
Common Rainforest Species
Caribbean Rainforest Species
Pacific Rainforest Species
Middle Elevation Rainforest Species
Dry Forest Species
Monteverde-Area and Cloud Forest Species
Highland Species
In addition to covering the most characteristic bird songs of the major birding destinations, this sampler includes a selection of recordings for the seasoned visitor--Resplendent Quetzal, Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager, Black-crowned Antpitta, Yellow-eared Toucanet, Lesser Ground-Cuckoo, Zeledonia, Silvery-fronted Tapaculo, Silvery-throated Jay, Black-faced Solitaire, Collared, Slaty-backed and Barred Forest-Falcons, 5 tinamou species, 15 wrens, and 11 nightbirds including the Andean Pygmy-Owl.

The Birder's Market | Aviansounds CD MP3 | CD Sound Guides |  Central America & Caribbean

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