Farne Islands

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One of the most spectacular birding locations in the UK.The farne islands are unrivaled.
The Farne Islands

The Farne Islands

Described as one of the most exciting places in Britain to watch, walk amongst and experience seabirds in their natural habitat, the Farne islands off the Northumberland coast are probably without equal. Thanks to the efforts of the National Trust (who acquired the islands in 1925) the breeding bird populations of the Farne's remain extremely healthy with 38 species recorded and a further 232 species recorded as passage migrants.
Nesting birds are as follows;-
Fulmar, Cormorant, Shag (pictured below) Grey Heron (1894),Shelduck, Mallard, Eider, Peregring (possibly 1925) Moorhen (1947 and 1948), Oystercatcher, Ringed Plover, Lapwing, Black-headed Gull, Lesser-black-backed gull, Herring gull, common gull, Great black-backed gull, Kittiwake, Sandwich Tern, Lesser Crested Tern (1990's), Roseate Tern, Common Tern, Arctic Tern, Guillemot, Razorbill, Puffin, Stock Dove (several occasions1928-1979), Cuckoo (alleged 1953) Swallow, Meadow Pipit Sixteen occasions 1946-1972, Rock Pipit, Pied wagtail, Wren (early 1880's) Stonechat 1946, Wheatear (five occasions 1931-1972) Blackbird (nineteen occasions 1893-1972), Jackdaw ( regular 1857-1930's, and 1949, and 1966, Carrion Crow.In 2005 the Farne's recorded over 100,000 pairs of breeding seabirds (an increase of 70,000 in just thirty years,) and 0ne pair of Roseate Tern returned to breed after an absence of three years.

Breeding bird count 2009

Breeding bird count 2009

Breeding pair numbers for 2009
Puffin 36,835 (2008) 55,674 (2004) Guillemot 48,126 individual birds 21,847 (Pairs 2004), Razorbill (right) 332 (225 in 2004), Kittiwake 3,699 (5,151 in 2004), Shag 838 (1,410 in 2004), Cormorant 141 (187 in 2004) Eider 681 (661 Nests in 2004), Sandwich Tern 1,415 (1,853 in 2004), Arctic Tern 2,198 (1,986 in 2004), Common Tern 98 (133 in 2004) Roseate Tern 2. Fulmar 258 (165 in 2004), Oystercatcher 38 (37 in 2004), Ringed Plover 9 (11in 2004), Mallard 5 nests (12 nests in 2004), Black-headed gull ND (301 in 2004) Great black-backed gull ND (7 in 2004) Herring/Lesser black-backed gull ND (965 in 2004), Rock pipit 25 (26 nests in 2004), Pied wagtail 6 (6 nests in 2004), Shelduck 1 (1 in 2004), Red-brested merganser 1Swallow 1, Wren 1

2009 also produced sightings of Black kite, bluethroat, Ring ouzel, Gargany, Marsh harrier, med gull, Iceland gull, Magpie (6th island record), Little gull,

Where to watch Birds in North East England

Where to watch Birds in North East England
Seabirds A natural history.
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Seabirds A natural history.
Arctic Tern by St Cuthbert's Chapel  Copyright Dave Dunford and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence.Click picture for details
Northumberland's best birdwatching sites.The Birder's Market and Birding-radio.co.uk

Northumberland's best birdwatching sites.The Birder's Market and Birding-radio.co.uk

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