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Haweswater remains the only regular site in England for the beautiful Golden Eagle
In 1929 a bill was passed by Parliament authorising the use of Haweswater as a reservoir and it is now one of the largest lakes in Cumbria at 4 miles long and 1/2 mile wide.. It is also one of the most remote lakes aas it has no towns or villages on its shores (All the farms and houses of the villages of Mardale and Measand, and the Dun Bull Inn were pulled down to make way for the reservoir).
The reserve is most famous for holding England's only golden eagle territory. Click here for further details.....

A large part of this area is a RSPB reserve as it remains England's only breeding territory for Golden Eagle which first bred in 1969.Despite a 24 hour watch and careful conservation of Riggindale Valley the Eagle's fortunes have been mixed with breeding attempts largely unsuccesful in recent years.However it is well worth a visit in spring and early summer when many other species are visible.Upland birds include Buzzard, peregrine and Raven, Ring ouzel and Wheatear whilst the Oak and Birch woodlands have breeding Redstart and Pied Flycatcher.Follow the minor road from Bampton or Bampton Grange pas the Haweswater Hotel until the road comes to a dead end. There is parking available here and a warden will escort visitors to the Golden Eagle viewing area 09.00 - 18.00 April - August (Check with RSPB before setting off) .Click here for a location map and where to park..
Recommended reading: Birdlife of Mountain and Upland
This book describes the bird life of the various upland regions of the British Isles.However,unlike the other books that present upland birds, this is the first one to portray the various species from an ecological standpoint.The book relates bird distribution and abundance to the various environmental influences of climate, topography, geology, soil type and human land use.The book first sets the scene by describing and examining the changes in bird fauna following the major climatic shifts since the end of the ice age.The uplands are grouped into several main types - sheepwalks, grouse moors, deer forests, flows (peat bogs), maritime hills and high tops - and the distinctive bird assemblages are desribed together with details of the natural history of the more important species.The final chapter deals with the issues involved in the conservation of upland birds.
The book will appeal to the informed layman and to the keen bird-watcher who wants to learn more about the life of upland birds and the ways they are adapted to their environments.
Hardcover.256 pages.
Recommended reading: Birdlife of Mountain and Upland
Recommended reading: The Golden EagleRecommended reading: The Golden Eagle
Jeff Watson. Illustrated by Keith Brockie
"The authors enthusiasm for this majestic bird of prey shines through the pages of this excellent work".. Birdwatch

"Sheer pleasure and enjoyment for the avid reader. .this superb book is a must for your bookshelf". .Don Scott IBIS

" A remarkable achievement...it will become a classic.. Birds

"I urge you to put a copy of this superb book on your shelves....Birdwatching

"Surely nobody has ever captured the essence of the Golden Eagle so brilliantly".. Mike Everett British Birds

The First comprehensive monograph on the Golden Eagle for forty years.
Superb pictures from Keith Brockie.
Additional wash landscapes and a colour frontispiece by Donald Watson capture the very special atmosphere of Scotland's Golden Eagle country.
Explores factors limiting Golden Eagle numbers and breeding performance.
The sensitive issue of Golden Eagle predation on livestock is reviewed in depth.
Addresses conservation issues and the species' fortunes in past and present.
Fascinating chapters on the place of Golden Eagls in human culture and folklore. More here
The author has worked on eagles in Scotland for over 15 years and these studies provide the foundation for a treatment which also includes the most up to date information from work in North America, continental European and elsewhere, allowing fascinating insights into the species' relationships with a variety of different habitats.392Pages.Hardback.
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