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Peregrine Falcon Stories of the Blue Meanie

Peregrine Falcon Stories of the Blue Meanie

"This is a wide-ranging and readable treatment of the peregrine's decline and rebound in North America from crash to near-recovery....In fact, Enderson was one of the main players, and this goes a long way toward giving the book credibility."
—Lloyd F. Kiff, Science Director, the Peregrine Fund

A superb success as a bird, combining great speed, aeronautical grace, and fearlessness...inhabitant of wild places, inaccessible cliffs, and skyscrapers...worldwide dweller, trans-equatorial migrant, and docile captive—the peregrine falcon stands alone among all others of its kind. Perhaps this is why so many varied people rushed to its aid when it faced decimation by pesticide poisoning.

In this personal and highly entertaining memoir, Jim Enderson tells stories of a lifetime spent studying, training, breeding, and simply enjoying peregrine falcons. He recalls how his boyhood interest in raptors grew into an ornithological career in which he became one of the leading experts who helped identity DDT as the cause of the peregrine falcon's sudden and massive decline across the United States. His stories reveal both the dedication that he and fellow researchers brought to the task of studying and restoring the peregrine and the hair-raising adventures that sometimes befell them along the way. Enderson also seamlessly weaves in the biology and natural history of the peregrine, as well as anecdotes about its traditional and widespread use in falconry as an aggressive yet tractable hunter, to offer a broad portrait of this splendid and intriguing falcon.

Raptors of the World
To birdwatchers, raptors remain among the most challenging and exciting groups. Their distribution is truly global: some of the most widespread species live in northern temperate regions; three-quarters are confined to the tropics of South America, Africa and Indomalayan region through to melanesia. Raptors of the world, part of an award winning series, covers all 313 of the world's species. Each species is illustrated by adult juvenile and selected immature plumages, as well as main geographical races and colour morphs; in all over 2000 perched and flying birds, some with typical prey, are shown on the 112 colour plates. Raptors of the world is in every way a landmark volume which will be the standard reference for this popular group for many years to come.
Raptors of the World
Raptors of the World  A Field Guide Raptors of the World A Field Guide
Raptors of the World (Helm, 2001 Above ) is the definitive handbook to this most popular group of birds. This new field guide uses all of the plates from Raptors of the World, with a concise, revised text on facing pages, to create a conveniently-sized, lightweight field reference covering all 320 raptor species. The book also has an updated colour distribution map for each species. Much of the extensive introductory material has been retained in this guide, with the addition of a complete species list containing all subspecies and brief details of their ranges. Armed with this guide, birders will be able to identify with confidence any raptor encountered anywhere in the world.

The Birder's Market | Resource | Birds of Britain and Europe ID Guide | Birds of Prey | Peregrine Falco peregrinus |  Identification of Peregrine

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