Kelling Watermeadows

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Kelling watermeadows
If you are looking to get away from the crowds of Cley, Titchwell and the other Norfolk 'mega sites' then Kelling watermeadows or Kelling Quags as it is also known is well recommended.There is an excellent free walking guide produced by the Sheringham Ramblers which details this area along with several others -available at tourist information centres.
This walk, combined with Kelling Heath makes for a superb days birding and although it might appear that the birds are not here in numbers, a careful scour will often produce interesting species and has several records of rarities.No doubt many birds have gone unnoticed as the area is underwatched due to the popularity of nearby Cley etc.
Parking is available at a small grassy area opposite the Kelling art gallery and tea room.Take special care here as the main A149 falls either side of the junction to the car park.From here a circular walk is possible by following the line of the road east before passing through a number of kissing gates. Once through the area of scrub and heath, Kelling watermeadows are below with fine views of the sea and north Norfolk coast.The path runs to the west of Weybourne camp before decending to the beach and wet areas.It is then possible to return via a hedged lane to the car park.Anything possible.

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Anything can turn up at Kelling including White-winged tern in 2001.Picture Ziegentom ( under creative commons licence.Click image for details
Recommended reading:The Birds of NorfolkRecommended reading:The Birds of Norfolk
As a result of its unique position on the east coast, Norfolk is arguably the premier county for birds in Britain. Its diversity of habitats attracts and shelters a wide range of breeding species, and its coastline facing the North Sea ensures a wealth of migrant visitors. Norfolks probably also attracts more visiting birdwatchers than any other county.
This book, the most comprehensive work so far on the county's avifauna, brings the record up to date. It has been written by a team of almost forty experts from within the county, and includes many of the evocative and atmospheric passages from earlier works, as well as presenting all relevant records up to the end of 1998'.... The Birds of Norfolk 552 pp.
This landmark volume was first published in hardback in 1999, and reprinted with revisions in paperback in 2000. This is a hardback reprint of the paperback edition.

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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites England | Birding sites in Norfolk |  Kelling Watermeadows

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