Lake Hornborga

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Spectacular Lake Hornborga.Picture Peter Stevens
Lake Hornborga

Lake Hornborga

Lake Hornborga is situated in the ancient countryside in the tableland of Västergötland. A host of ancient monuments and stone walls bear witness to the activities of generations past. Famed as a bird lake, ravaged by countless attempts to lower the level of the water, Lake Hornborga was revived by an extensive and unique restoration programme. A paradise for resting and breeding wetland birds. Every year, the lively dance steps of the resting cranes (right:Pic Ulf Gotthardsson) attract huge crowds of spectators.

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Still by the Lake, but 10 km away, there is a second Information Centre called Crane Dance Info Centre - and, we guess, the name says it all. This is where a maximum of 12,700 cranes gather to eat, rest and dance for a few weeks in March and April. The Centre id open from mid March to mid April. It's also open during weekends in January and early February when a dozen eagles (mainly White-tailed, but also Golden) gather in the area.

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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites Europe | Sweden |  Lake Hornborga

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