Langstone Harbour RSPB reserve

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Langstone Harbour RSPB reserve

Langstone Harbour RSPB reserve

There are four nature reserves within the harbour. In the north-west lies Farlington Marshes Local Nature Reserve, managed by the Hampshire Wildlife Trust. The main habitats here are grazing marsh, freshwater and scrub. In the north and central area lies the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Nature Reserve. Principally, this comprises intertidal mudflats, saltmarsh and islands. In the south of the harbour, Hampshire County Council manage an area of intertidal mudflats, saltmarsh and shingle at The Kench Local Nature Reserve. And Havant Borough Council have recently designated the old oysterbeds and surrounding grasslands and scrub at West Hayling a local nature reserve.

Right: Blue-headed wagtail M.f flava paired with a female yellow wagtail flavissima at Farlington in 1996. Hampshire Bird Report 1996 (Picture Sergey Yuliseev).

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The RSPB reserve occupies one third of the Langstone Harbour tidal estuary and consists mostly of intertidal mud but includes five small islands composed of saltmarsh and shingle ridges.
Apart from a landing area for recreational boat users on one of the islands, access to the reserve is restricted, thereby allowing birds to breed, feed and roost in an undisturbed state and the fragile habitats, with their specialised fauna, to develop naturally.
The invertebrates and vegetation of the mudflats are a rich food source for wildfowl and waders, while the islands are used for breeding by gulls, terns and waders and as a roosting site during high-tide periods.

Rare birds hatch at Langstone Harbour

Published Date: 10 June 2009
Three rare seabirds have hatched at a nature reserve.
Wardens at Langstone Harbour have their fingers crossed that the little terns will make it through the first 17 days before they fledge.
It has been the most successful breeding season for many years with 40 mating pairs making the marshes their home.
Chris Cockburn from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said: 'Despite four hours of heaving rain on Sunday the trio are looking healthy and well.
'But it'll be a nerve-wracking 17 days or so to see if they fledge. If they do that'll be the first chicks fledged at the RSPB reserve for two years at least. Last year no young fledged.'
In February, the RSPB, along with the Environment Agency, Natural England, the Army and Tarmac Ltd, shipped 600 tons of shingle to two islands at its Langstone Harbour reserve.
The shingle was used to build nesting sites for little terns which have been showing worrying declines across the UK. They prefer to nest on bare shingle and this seems to be working.

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