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Oak Park

Oak Park

There are few locations which could rival the beauty and tranquillity of Oak Park Forest Park. Ideal for leisurely strolls and walks, a visit here is a relaxing and pleasurable experience and a must for any visitor to Co. Carlow. Colour coded circular walkways of varying lengths with excellent accessible surfaces and easy gradients make a visit here an enjoyable experience for young and old alike.The park is a mature, mixed species woodland of over 120 acres with a predominance of Beech, Oak, Scots Pine, Silver Fir, Larch and Sycamore. The proximity of the walkways to the extensive collection of ferns, mosses and woodland flora provides the visitor with an ideal opportunity to interact with nature. Boasting a rich diversity of wildlife, the lakes and their surrounds provide a habitat for swans and ducks, teal, mallard, tufted duck & pochard. The Woodlands have been laid out to encompass the broadest range of natural features. Extending over 4 kilometers they include Butlers Wood Loop (700 metres), the Lake Path (800 metres), Fox Covert Track (1100 metres) and Sally Island Trail (1700 metres). Situated on the outskirts of Carlow town, the park is a popular destination for walking and educational visits. The park also features a universally accessible playground with full facilities for individuals with a disability – the first of its kind in Ireland, bat sanctuary, picninc area, informal leisure areas and seating at regular intervals. Outdoor exercise equipment adds to the recreational enjoyment of the park.

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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites Ireland | Carlow |  Oak forest Park Carlow

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