Paphos State Forest

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Paphos State Forest photograph
Paphos State Forest

Paphos State Forest

The forests of Cyprus (State and Private) cover about 32% of the total area of the island (about 18.5% are high forests and 13.5% are maquis forests). They are natural consisting mainly of Brutia pine (Pinus brutia), while the Black pine (Pinus nigra ssp. pallasiana) covers the higher slopes of the Troodos Range. Other species are Cypress, Juniper, Plane, Alder and Golden oak (Quercus alnifolia), which is endemic, Cedars (Cedrus brevifolia), another endemic species, which occurs in the Pafos Forest.
Stavros tis Psokos is the best-known forest station in Cyprus, and is situated in the middle of Paphos Forest. The site comprises mainly coniferous woodland with rocky outcrops. A large replanting scheme, covering 8,500 ha out of a total of 21,600 ha, was implemented after this area was destroyed by fire in 1974. 400 ha of the IBA are covered with the endemic Cyprus cedar Cedrus brevifolia.
The site is the most important area of Cyprus for nesting raptors. It supports the highest number of breeding Bonelli's eagle and Goshawk. Two more species, the Griffon vulture and the Black vulture, used to nest at the site,but have now disappeared as breeding species. Griffon vultures regularly visit the site to drink water from the spring in the Tripylos area. The site has breeding Short-toed treecreeper, Cyprus wheatear, and Cyprus warbler pictured. Notably, this is the only site where Sparrowhawk have been recorded breeding in Cyprus .

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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites Europe | Cyprus |  Paphos State Forest

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