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For many visitors experiencing birds such as bearded reedlings, avocets and turtle doves ‘up close and personal' is something really special. Pensthorpe allows you to really get close up and encourages people to really get to grips with the live stories of many bird species and to take an interest in birdwatching, a hobby accessible to everyone.
Habitat creation at Pensthorpe has involved careful attention to detail, such as varying levels of shorelines and depths in the lakes, and a wader scrape where water levels can be manipulated to allow seasonal flooding, which helps provide suitable breeding habitat for birds such as avocets, lapwings and redshanks.
Bird conservation is under the careful wing of the Pensthorpe Conservation Trust (PCT) whose work includes hand rearing increasingly rare species such as corncrakes, cranes, lapwings and redshanks. The PCT plays a key role in a corncrake release programme, working closely with the RSPB and other bodies such as Natural England and the Zoological Society of London.
The Pensthorpe Conservation Centre provides a special home for a regionally important collection of bird species and incorporates a Cranery, which houses 8 out of the worlds' 15 species of cranes, over half of these species are endangered or threatened. The PCT is concentrating its conservation work on helping these birds and now works with East African and West African Crowned Cranes, Stanley, Sandhill and Manchurian Cranes as well as Eurasian and Demoiselle Cranes.

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When Neil Glenn's original guide to top birding areas in Norfolk was launched in 2003, it created a sensation.Here for the first time was the key information a birdwatcher needed, presented in an enthusiastic and reader friendly way. After this ground-breaking sell-out success, here is the Second edition.Every site from the first book has been revisited, so the information is bang up to date and ten completely new sites have been added.

Covering 83 of the best birdwatching sites in Norfolk from the famous to the less well known. Detailed maps of all reserves. Paperback 256pp.

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Where to watch Birds in East Anglia
East Anglia is one of the best birding regions in England. With its extensive areas of nationally scarce habitat such as the fens, reedbeds, undisturbed beaches and Breckland heath, it can be the only place to see several of England's most exciting birds. This is a guide to where to go in East Anglia to see many different species. It contains site accounts, plans, maps, lists of birds in the region and advice on planning birdwatching trips. This fourth edition is revised and updated.
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Where to watch Birds in East Anglia
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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites England | Birding sites in Norfolk |  Pensthorpe

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