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Blue Hole National Park
On the Hummingbird Highway, 24km from Belmopan.Size: 233 hectares
Habitat: Tropical deciduous forest on Karst geologic features, including numerous caves within and without the Park.

Birds & wildlife: Great for migrant species watching with both neo-tropical and austral migrants. Mot-mots, Jacamars, Emerald and Keel-billed Toucans, a great variety of Hummingbirds and Tanagers.

Visiting & access: Easy 90-minute drive from Belize City (Less from nearer towns and communities) in rented vehicle; access via regular bus service; escorted tours available from Hotel Guest Services Desks in Belize City; tours packaged into multi-day programmes by foreign and local tour operators. Knowledgeable Warden staff on duty, Visitor's centre & Gift Shop, nearby economical accommodations.
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
This unique sanctuary in southern Belize covers an area of about 150 square miles of tropical forest, and is the world's only Jaguar Preserve. Declared a Forest Preserve in 1984 and finally a Jaguar Preserve in 1986, the park is the culmination of many years of work and perseverance by individuals and national and international organizations.

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Field Guide to the Birds of BelizeField Guide to the Birds of Belize
Central America is a wonderful birding area, supporting a rich and diverse avifauna. Belize is one of its more accessible and tourist-friendly countries, beginning to rival Costa Rica as the most popular Central American birding destination of all.Nearly 600 species are described in detail in the authoritative text,and are illustrated on 56 colour plates by Dana Gardner,distribution maps indicate the ranges of breeding and visiting species.

This is the first guide ever published to the birds of Belize, and will be a vital aid to all those birdwatching in this spectacular country.
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Guanacaste National Park
over 120 species of birds have been spotted in the park. The majestic Blue Crown Motmot, can be seen along with the Black-faced Ant-trush, Belted Kingfisher, Smoky-brown Woodpecker, Magnolia Warbler and Red-lored Parrot to name only a few.

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Half Moon Caye Natural Monument
Easternmost island in the reef systems of Belize; in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll approximately 80km ESE of Belize City.Size: 3,929 hectares
Habitat: Fringing and patch tropical coral reefs with patches of turtle grass. Coral island with old coconut grove and Ziricote littoral forest.

Birds & wildlife: Signature species are the Red-footed Booby and Magnificent Frigatebird, of which there is a huge colony on the island. Stopover for many migrants, particularly in the spring and fall.

Visiting & access: Knowledgeable warden staff on-site; Visitors' Centre, terrestrial and underwater interpretive trails, viewing tower, campingground and picnic facilities. Access only by tour-boat with licensed tour operators and guides on day and multi-day tours.

Saint Herman's Blue Hole National Park
The Park is home to well over 200 species of birds and the park in ideal for birding with a variety of open spaces attracting a wide variety of bird life.
Three of the five species of wild cats found in Belize- The Jaguar, Ocelot and Jaguarondi, have been sighted in Saint Herman's Blue Hole National Park. Several other resident mammals including the Baird's Tapir and Nine Banded Armadillo have also been seen.

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Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
"Birding Heaven" - The wetlands of Crooked Tree Wildlife Santuary (CTWS) are a birdwatcher's dream. Located 33 miles northwest of Belize City and just 2 miles off the Northern Highway, the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary provides an opportunity to view some of Belize's magnificent wildlife. Established in 1984 for the protection of resident and migrant birds, the sanctuary consists of a network of inland lagoons, swamps and waterways.
The variety of habitats in the Crooked Tree area provides food and homes for a diversity of fauna. Within the logwood swamps roost the nocturnal Boat-billed Herons as well as Chestnut-bellied Herons and Bare-throated Tiger-Herons. Our two species of ducks, the Black-bellied Whistling-Duck and the Muscovy , nest in trees along the swamps. Over the open water you will find many birds feeding on the abundant food resources the lagoons provide. Snail kites, feeding exclusively on apple snails, the beautiful Snowy and Great Egrets fishing along the shoreline , all five species of Kingfishers, as well as Ospreys and Black-collared Hawks diving toward the water's surface for a catch, are only a few of the birds that can be seen.

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Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve
Approximately 27.2km southwest of Belmopan; immediately south of Blackman Eddy Village on the Western Highway near Mile 57.Size: 2,730 hectares
Habitat: Tropical and sub-tropical deciduous forests within karst limestone hills and lowlands.

Birds & wildlife: Common birdlife: Brown & Red-footed Boobies, Osprey, American Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon. Common Fish Species: Angel fish, Grouper, Jack, Barracuda species.

Visiting & access: Not open to the public. Strictly for research and education. Warden presence and patrols
Victoria Peak Natural Monument
Along the Northern boundary of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.Size: 1,742 hectares
Habitat: Tropical deciduous and rain forests on sometimes, steep granite and limestone mountain slopes 61km to almost 1,220km above sea level.

Birds & wildlife: A great place for colourful tropical birds: 18+ Tanagers, notably Passerini's, Yellow-winged & Crimson-collared; Hummingbirds: Violet Sabrewings, Long-tailed and Little Hermits.

Visiting & access: No vehicle access. Relatively difficult access via a designated hiking trail from the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary's (CBWS) Visitors' Centre. All visitors must have a permit from CBWS warden and specialised guide escort available from nearby buffer zone communities.

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