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Ecuador is a small country with one of the largest diversity of flora and fauna in the world. Ecuador is the number one country in birds in relation to its area. In Ecuador 107 different regions have been identified specifically for bird diversity and also as homeplace for different migratory species. There are 14 endemic bird species only found in Ecuador such as the Black-breasted Puffleg and there are over 260 species that are found only in Ecuador and its neighboring countries.

Fundación Jocotoco

Fundación Jocotoco

To date, Fundación Jocotoco has established seven reserves in Ecuador, protecting about 8,000 ha. While the Reserves are primarily established to protect habitat for endangered birds, many other plants and animals are protected as well. The Fundación's reserves are home to nearly 700 species of birds, of which over 100 are range-restricted or endemic species, and about 40 are globally endangered species. They are also home to several species of large mammals such as the Spectacled Bear, Mountain and Baird's Tapir, Puma, and Jaguars, and Howler, Spider, and Capuchin Monkeys.

Utuana, Tapichalaca, Yunguilla, Buenaventura, Rio Canande, Yanacocha and Jorupe.
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The Birds of Ecuador (volume1)

The Birds of Ecuador (volume1)

Volume 1 contains background information on the country,its geography,habitats,conservation policies and ornithological history,followed by detailed accounts of the taxonomy,range,status and habitat of each species,including information on the distribution and status of each species in Ecuador,thoroughly referenced and placed in a historical context when necessary.If a species is deemed at risk,its conservation status in Ecuador is discussed.Subspecies are evaluated in terms of their validity,and each taxon's distribution in Ecuador is given.In addition,the contentious issue of English names is addressed and the species' worldwide,extra-Ecuador distribution is given.
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Birding Ecuador(DVD)

Birding Ecuador(DVD)

Malcolm Rymer
A birding travelogue of Ecuador from the endemic rich Choco region in the north-west through the Andean eastern slopes and into the Amazonian lowlands.
"If you are considering going, Birding Ecuador is likely to persuade you that you should, and if you are fortunate enough to have been . . . [it] should bring back many happy memories."
- Ian Lycett, Birdwatch

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This Archipelago is a living museum of evolutionary changes. Free and fearless animals, different from any others found elsewhere, make visitors wonder about their very existence on our planet. The UNESCO declared Galapagos a World Natural Heritage Site in 1978 and subsequently a World Biosphere Reserve in 1985. Among the animals found are the different species of giant 'Galapagos' tortoises that gave the islands their name due to the similarity of their carapaces to a British riding saddle called 'galapago' in Spanish. A variety of birds are found: blue footed, red footed and masked boobies, flamingos, frigate birds, albatrosses, unique small penguins and non-flying cormorants, and 14 different species of finches. These various species of finches served as proof for Darwin's theory of evolution from natural selection. Marine mammals such as sea lions, dolphins and whales are also found; as well as multitudinous colorful fishes. The most distinctive plants are mangroves and endemic cacti. The Galapagos houses an incredibly high rate of endemic species.
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