South Walney Nature Reserve

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Eider at Walney -their most southerly breeding location in britain
South WalneySouth Walney
Part of the Morecambe Bay Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) ,South Walney is famous for its huge breeding colonies (over 20,000 birds) of both lesser black-backed and herring gulls with the latter outnumbered by the Lesser-black backed gulls by three to one.It has recorded over 265 species of bird and holds many thousands of waders in Winter.
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South Walney became a nature reserve in 1963 and has its own bird observatory .Around 28 breeding birds occur including Lesser Black-backed Gull, Great-Black-backed gull, Herring Gull, Eider, Sandwich, common, arctic and little tern, Mallard, Ringed Plover, Oystercatcher. Passage birds include regular Leach's and Storm Petrel, Skuas, Shearwaters, in Autumn with falls of migrants that have included Red-breasted flycatcher, Melodious warbler and Firecrest.

At the boundry wall a Heligoland trap (right) has been constructed and is used to trap and ring migrants, which are then ringed, measured and released as part of a nationwide study into the migration and distribution of various species.Along with the many willow warblers and robins which are trapped, rarer species have also been recorded such as paddyfield warbler, booted warbler and American vagrants such as white-throated sparrow (below).

TIP: Check the ruined buildings at South End (from roadside as the buldings are dangerous). This is an excellent site for little owl, normally sitting on one of the gable ends.

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white-throated sparrow
Where to Watch Birds North West England & the Isle of ManWhere to Watch Birds North West England & the Isle of Man
This region holds some of the finest upland sites in England, as well as some superb wetlands including Morecambe Bay which holds the largest wader roost in the country.The western coast of Northern England has a good record for attracting nearctic vagrants and the Lake District is the only place in England where Golden Eagles breed.
The guide explores the best birding sites in the area, and several new sites have been added to this revised and updated third edition.Each site is described in terms of habitat,species, access and timing, and the volume is illustrated throughout with line drawings and maps of each site.
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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites England | Birding sites Cumbria |  South Walney Nature Reserve

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