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Accommodation in your favourite birding area. Search tripadvisor here for Hotels, bed & breakfast and other services
Accommodation in your favourite birding area. Search tripadvisor here for Hotels, bed & breakfast and other services
Askaniya-Nova Biosphere Reserve
Askaniya-Nova Biosphere Reserve is the oldest in Ukraine. It was started in the end of the nineteenth century as botanical garden and zoo. In 1919, Askaniya-Nova was declared the National Reserve Park. In 1921, Askaniya-Nova became the first national reserve, and in December of 1984 by the decision of the UNESCO Coordinating Council, it was declared the biosphere reserve. The reserve is subordinated to the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences.
Askaniya-Nova Reserve represents a unique area of virgin dry steppe grassland.
Speciality birds include Great and Little Bustard, Demoiselle crane, Pallid Harrier, Long-legged Buzzard and Steppe Eagle.Man made wet areas attract Greater White-fronted and Red-breasted geese on passage.
Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
Dnipro-Oril Floodplains
Dnipropetrovska Oblast; 2,560 ha; 48°32'N 034°45'E. IBA, Nature Reserve. A well preserved area at the confluence of the Dnipro (or Dneiper) and Oril Rivers, comprising a system of watercourses and related floodplains with numerous lakes, mires, and well-developed flora of vascular plants, including rare communities of Salvinia natans and Trapa natans, floodplain forests with oak, willow, poplar and alder. The site is an important nesting place for Oystercatcher, Corncrake, Black Stork, Night Heron, and White Tailed Eagle and represents a key point of of the Dnipro bird migration route. Large flocks of Mallard, Garganey, Coot and White-fronted Goose stop over during their autumn migrations. It supports many internationally threatened species such as the mammals Lutra lutra, Castor fiber, reptile species Emys orbicularis, Vipera ursinii, amphibians Bombina bombina. Some 40 fish species, including the Sterlet Acipenser ruthenus, are recorded. The water level depends upon weather conditions but also substantially upon operations of a reservoir built downstream.
Perebrody Peatlands
Rivnenska Oblast; 12,718 ha; 51°42'N 027°07'E. Nature Reserve. The site, including several small lakes, is important for conservation of the typical boreal mire flora and fauna, especially the northern part at the border with Belarus. Lowland sedge-reed communities are concentrated in the central over-damp part of the site and transitional sedge-sphagnum communities prevail at its periphery. The association of Carex lasiocarpa with sphagnum mosses is the dominant plant community of the site. Forest and coppice communities cover a large part of it with Scots pine Pinus sylvestris on islands and dune tops and Betula pendula, Alnus glutinosa and Salix alba in swamp areas. Besides the widespread species of Anatidae and Rallidae, Black Stork Ciconia nigra, Corncrake Crex crex, Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus, Aquatic Warbler Acrocephalus paludicola, and Short-toed Eagle Circaetus gallicus nest within the site.
The Annotated Ramsar List: Ukraine
The Convention on Wetlands came into force for Ukraine on 1 December 1991. Ukraine presently has 33 sites designated as Wetlands of International Importance, with a surface area of 744,651 hectares.Click here for the full list and species.....
The Annotated Ramsar List: Ukraine

The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites Europe |  Ukraine

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