Wat Tyler Country Park

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Wat Tyler Country Park photograph
Wat Tyler Country Park

Wat Tyler Country Park

Wat Tyler Country Park consists of 125 acres of parkland set in the heart of the south Essex marshes and a SSI (Site of Special Scientific interest).The park lies 2 miles east of Basildon and has a series of waymarked trails leading to three hides overlooking Timberman's creek and another overlooking Vange / Oyster Creek. Two other hides overlook Pitsea Hall Fleet.There is free parking , toilets and a cafe.
The Nature Trail
This is a marked trail that will guide you around Wat Tyler Country Park. The entire trail will take approximately 2 hours but you can choose your own route to fit in the time you have available.
Please note - the paths leading up to points 29 and 30 are regarded as the most difficult on the trail and that the Disable Trails runs from points 23 to 28.
Posts 1-3
From the main car park you pass the offices then through the walled garden to the wildlife ponds. Relax awhile and enjoy the herbs, roses and many other cultivated species, planted to attract bees and butterflies. Admire the dragonflies and damselflies as they hunt over the water.
Posts 4-14
This section of the walk takes you through a series of delightful meadows and hawthorn thickets.
Birds-foot trefoil, knapweed and campion carpet the meadows in summer and the bushes provide food and nesting for thrushes, warblers and finches.
The bird hide at Post 8 offers panoramic views across the Fleet, with the chance to see the rare Bearded Tit in the surrounding reed-bed.
Posts 15-17
Crossing the main meadow area you pass two historic cottages, faithfully restored and reassembled from their original location at Takeley, near Stansted.
Across the road is Holly Cottage, originally from Rayleigh, and nearby the second large bird hide overlooking the Flee - Try and spot the terrapins sunbathing on the floating platform!

Posts 18-20

The two large ponds provide excellent habitat for reed and sedge warblers, and for the impressive Emperor dragonfly.
Climb the steps at Post 19 onto the sea wall. The views across the creeks towards Pitsea and Fobbing grazing marshes are spectacular.
Essex is internationally important for this threatened habitat, with its specialist plant and animal communities.
Posts 20-22
A short walk to the Marina gives you the option of a direct route back along the road or to pass the Residential Centre into the picnic area. The cafe is nearby, with outside benches and a children's adventure play area.
Posts 23-28
A shady and peaceful route, suitable for wheelchairs, that includes three bird hides. During winter curlew and redshank may be seen from here. The saltings beyond turn blue in late summer, when the sea lavender blooms.
Across the creek is the old County Tip site, now being reclaimed naturally by rough grass and scrub - a haven for skylarks and hunting barn owls.
The wet ditch, following the line of the path, is the habitat of Lestes Dryas, a nationally rare damselfly.
Posts 29-30
A series of wide paths cut through the hawthorn woodland, up to a central ridge. In spring and summer the path edges and glades are bright with flowers, including yellow-wort, pink centaury, fairy flax & wild basil. Look out for orchids too.

The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites England | Birding sites Essex |  Wat Tyler Country Park

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