Wildlife boxes mammals and insects

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Wildlife World Ladybird Tower

Habitat for Ladybirds, which are beneficial insects as they are natural predators of aphids and greenfly.Made from naturally durable timber.Complete with garden pole/spike.Easily integrates within any garden

Chapelwood Wildlife Hedgehog Habitat

The Hogitat Hedgehog House

Gardman Bat Box with landing perch

Chavenage Bat Box

Bat boxes set of 3

Just Green Bat box

Wildlife World Bat Box

The Blakeney Bat Box

Wooden Bat Box

DIY Bat box

Chapelwood Wildlife Bee And Ladybird Habitat

Butterfly bee feeding station

Chapelwood Wildlife Butterfly Habitat

Wildlife World Ladybird Food Attractant LFA

Mason bees habitat

"Attract this prolific ""friendly"" pollinator bee to your garden easily" ."Safe around children and pets, watch them develop the nest before you" ."Excellent pollinators for fruit, flowrs and veg" .Nest can be used again and again

Wildlife World Bug Box Beneficial Insect Habitat

Butterfly and Moth feeder/habitat

Frog and Toad house

The Birder's Market | Resource | Garden Birds |  Wildlife boxes mammals and insects

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