*Cost effective > Direct contact with customers > No added selling fees*Cost effective > Direct contact with customers > No added selling fees
Simply puchase space and send us your pdf catalogue or (any file that can be converted).We will place your 'store' on our main shopping page - it's as simple as that! If you need to update your files, simply purchase an 'update'

No More expensive 'paper' catalogue mailshots
Printing paper catalogues is both time consuming and expensive - futhermore, by the time your catalogue is printed - it's probably out of date!

Your catalogue can include any natural history related products, such as used books, photographic equpment, binoculars etc.If you have your own website, you can include a link to your site.If you have your own corporate design, please include in the e-mail file send, and we will include this in your 'shop' portal.

Uploads are by e-mail only.This is so we can 'vet' sellers to satisfy that conditions are being complied with.Inclusion of your data usually takes 24 - 48hrs.Customers then receive notification that your catalogue has been included as a 'new seller' or updated.Your pdf will include a direct e-mail link to you, an address for customers to contact you and a LANDLINE telephone number.(full instructions will be sent upon completion of your order)
We reserve the right to refuse or remove your information at any time.

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Support Our Free Resource
Unlike other sites our birding resource including the constantly updated world site guide is free to use.This takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce so any support would be most welcome. You can set a monthly rate below and cancel at any time. Thank you.

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