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The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
The Ein Gedi reserve, on the eastern periphery of the Judean Desert, is bordered by cliffs to the West, the Dead Sea shore to the East, the Mount Yishai Ridge and the Ein Gedi lookout to the North, and Nahal Hever in the South.
Some birds of prey who are permanent residents of the reserve (Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, eagles, and falcons) nest on top of cliffs.
During migration season, many birds fly over, Ein Gedi and visitors are treated to the fantastic sight of flocks of scores - even hundreds or thousands - of storks and birds of prey.
Other birds stay for a period, as for example the spotted fly-catcher (Muscicapa striata) or the smyrna kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis)
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Southern Israel Birding Sites
Here are further details about the sites we visited in Southern Israel during our holiday in September 1997. Most books provide details about the best sites, such as Eilat's salt pans, but what I've tried to do here is provide a little further advice about the sites we looked at. In other words the information here is simply from our own experiences and is not intended to be a comprehensive site guide. For info about the Sandgrouse drinking pool in Eilat, look elsewhere!! We never made it there!

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Migrating Birds know no boundariesMigrating Birds know no boundaries
Israel's unique location at the junction of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, makes it a site for an extraordinary phenomena: some 500 million migrating birds cross its skies twice a year.
You can obtain real time information through birds fitted with satellite transmitters, Pictures from Latrun Radar, On-Line Camera in nests, The annual Autumn soaring bird migration survey, Ringing Stations and more.

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Field Guide to the Birds of the Middle East
Richard Porter,Steen Christensen & Per Schiermacker
Illustrated by A Birch,J Gale,M Langman & B Small

" The bottom line is:this is the best field guide published so far on birds of the Middle East."....Josef Kren, Wilson Bulletin

" A real tour de force and should remain the standard work for the region for a long time to come."..Gordon Hamlett, Birdwatching

"An indispensable and thoroughly recommended aid for birdwatchers in the Middle East and beyond." ...Andrew Grieve, Birdwatch.
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Field Guide to the Birds of the Middle East

The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites Middle East |  Birding sites Israel

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