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Loch Ken

Loch Ken

Loch Ken
Loch Ken is situated north of the popular Market town of Castle Douglas and south of the new walking destination ‘The Glenkens’ on the A713.

For many years Loch ken has been a popular birding destination providing an abundance of wildlife and now the recently launched Galloway Kite Trail, a RSPB project to release further Red kites back into Scotland.Loch Ken is of quite extraordinary richness and attraction for wildlife, containing a variety of important habitat types, including open water, marsh and fen, water meadows, willow carr, reed beds and broadleaved woodlands. It is especially notable for its wildfowl in particular the wintering flock of Greenland White-fronted Geese.

The area is also very important for Greylag Geese, Whooper Swans, several species of duck and Great Crested Grebes. The environs of the loch include fine woodlands which are rich in birds including several uncommon or local species such as Willow Tits, Wood Warblers, Redstarts and Pied Flycatchers. Barn Owls are a common sight in the early evening on surrounding farmland.

Nature Reserve

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has a reserve car park at Mains of Duchrae on the west bank. There is public access to the reserve from the public car park. The return walk to the hide is about three miles (five kilometres) - sorry no dogs. Details of these and other attractions and facilities in the area are available from the Tourist Information Office in Castle Douglas.
Please do not park in any of the passing places along the unclassified road between Glenlochar and Mains of Duchrae.
Special Birds; Red Kite,raptors,geese.

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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites Scotland | Dumfries and Galloway |  Loch Ken

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