Weeting Heath

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Stone Curlew (Burhinus oedicnemus) one of the star attractions of Breckland
Weeting Heath NNR

Weeting Heath NNR

Weeting Heath NNR, which is 137 ha in size, is owned and managed by Norfolk Wildlife Trust, and is a classic example of open, rabbit-grazed Breckland grass heath, and is one of the best places in Britain to see the rare and elusive stone curlew. The reserve is situated in Breckland,which is a unique area of grassy heath, forest and arable land in western Norfolk and Suffolk.Breckland heaths have declined dramatically in size since the turn of the century due to changes in agriculture.
There are observation hides which allow good views of the rare waders, which have become very rare in recent times due to the loss and deterioration of heathland habitat.

Many unusual flowering plants are found at Weeting, including the beautiful spiked speedwell, maiden pink, and Spanish catchfly. Butterflies such as brown argus,Essex skipper, grayling and dingy skipper are found in summer. Weeting is an excellent place to see woodlarks.

Stone Curlew by Eric Ennion.From 'The Living Birds of Eric Ennion'. See Bird Artists

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Weeting heath visitor centre
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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites England | Birding sites in Norfolk |  Weeting Heath

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